Saturday, September 21, 2019

Satruday Dawn Patrol - 21 September

Hit the pre-crowded surf just after dawn.  Waist to chest high swell, rising tide (+1.3' to 1.7').  Some wind, especially as a squall came through, but not so much that it changed my foiling.  I took out the same setup from the previous session - Slingshot Infinity 76 on the 24" mast and the 5'2" prone foilboard.  I was focusing on steeper takeoffs - using my front hand as a third foot keeping more pressure up front to keep the nose down.  These past two sessions I've been using the old "prime" setting that I had identified prior to me taking the 5'2" from rotation to fix the pinhole leaks.  I think I need to push the foil forward to get more lift now.

There was an old couple out - she was on a Slingshot H2, and he was on an Armstrong 1200.  They paddled to the far right on the outside.  I saw her on a few, but I didn't see any of his rides.  I really like those Armstrongs (but I don't like the price tag - I'll try and sell off what I currently use, then maybe get the 1550).

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