Sunday, September 1, 2019

Saturday Foiling and Longboarding - 31 August

Marlon and I hit the evening surf - full tide and a lully swell were the conditions.  We had the GoPro out and managed to get a few pictures.

Catching waves is getting easier, and correcting foot placement mistakes and off balance takeoffs is starting to become second nature.  Banking turns off  oncoming sections is quickly becoming a favorite.  I got several rides all the way to the beach on waves I know would have been challenging to catch and ride on a longboard - foils take milking wave energy to a new level!

When you are dialed in, foiling is so much fun (but getting there has been one of the most frustrating rides - this activity also seems to randomly humble you by making you look and feel like a total kook).

Marlon had a bunch a fun rides as usual.

Another fun evening surf session

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