Monday, September 2, 2019

Sunday Garage Works

I took a break from the surf on Sunday in favor of BBQing and getting some other projects knocked out.  I got the prone foilboard templates cut out and sanded.

And then I proceeded to get the blank(s) templated and cut out.

Also went to our friendly neighborhood Lowes and grabbed a bunch of lumber to make some plant benches La has been asking for.  I'll also build a new shaping rack (to shape these short foil boards).

As I am writing this entry on Sunday, Marlon and I did go on a dawn patrol this morning - 1.7' tide with a chest high swell pushing in - good fun!!!  I had several long rides - one was tracking along with a wave standing up and just about to pitch a lip.  Another with banking turns back and forth between sections.  A couple of waves I popped up but my feet didn't feel like they were in the right place - I rode out the wave anyways and just compensated with weight shifts.  At the risk of sounding cocky - this is second nature now.  I even had a few green water takeoffs - steeper than I prefer, but too much fun!

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