Sunday, October 6, 2019

Another Reason Why I Haven't Been in the Water -

I've been getting the 4'10" shaped.  This was earlier in the week:

Still a lot rough on both decks - planer lines.  But I've been using the long surform to blend in the decks.  These pictures are from yesterday afternoon after a fair amount of time spent with the surform - I even got the nose, tail and rails dialed in more.  Marlon went surfing with his cousin, but I stayed back to get this progress in.

The key difference in this board as compared to the prior two are the bevels cut in the bottom rails.  Most of the shapers are putting these into their boards in an effort to allow riders to recover from touchdowns (boards hitting the water and getting sucked back down due to surface tension - these cuts would allow a rider to "bounce" off the water or not touch it at all).  I figured I should at least try it out to see what the buzz is and if it would be worth it on future boards.  I am also planning out the 4'6" blank - probably going to make it into a kite foiling/prone board (but that is almost too tiny for me I'm guessing).

All this has been the easy part - going to have to vacuum bag on a divynicell patch (dent resistant front foot area on top deck), divynicell blocks for the mast tracks, and I am planning on laminating carbon fiber on the last 2/3s of the board for pumping stiffness.  That is probably two more weeks of work (after work and on weekends).  Will also be painting over the carbon fiber to provide some heat damage relief (no vent on this one - polyurethane blank). 

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