Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Grinding Laps and Laminating the Top Deck on the 4'10"

Had to run some errands this afternoon, but I got home in time to work on the board.  Started by grinding down the laps from yesterday's lamination.

Next, I got the bottom laminated.  First I put some carbon down on the dcell patch (2 layers to build up the height of this section - and it was still too low - next time I won't route out so much).  Next I laid down a nose to tail carbon layer (4.8 ounce cloth) and a 4 ounce cap sheet.

Marlon helped again by mixing the epoxy - 4x 5.6 ounce shots.  Got the board all laminated in under an hour.

Next step - grinding down the new laps and fill coat one side.

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