Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Humpday Foiling - 23 October

I caught the back half of the high tide this afternoon.  The trades were up so there was texture on the surface, the swell was almost waist high and the tide started at a peak of 2.1' (when I got there it was probably closer to 1.6' and dropping fast).  Perfect conditions for foiling on the Armstrong CF1600!  I probably caught 8 waves in the short time I was out - all but one were long gliding rides from the initial break all the way in.  The one I botched the takeoff - you have to do this every now and then to keep the arrogance in check right???  I nailed all my turns today and did I mention the glide???  Sooooooooo nice!

I did not chance hitting the bottom on the paddles back out - always paddled the board back out with the foil pointed up (upside down rig).  I used the trusty 5'6" and had the FCS leash out.  This leash was behaving today.  There were several longboarders out - some really good regulars that have total knowledge of this break - but on a foil, I was getting super long rides.  I really think I'm done with surfing (unless it gets over head - then I'm definitely surfing; but chest and below there is no comparison).

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