Saturday, October 26, 2019

Saturday High Tide Foiling - 26 October

I presented at the Lacy Veach Day of Discovery event earlier today - Noe had a regatta, and La and Marlon went to find a penguin suit (Marlon outgrew his old performance coat and slacks) - so after the event I came home and took a nap.  Then I woke up and remembered the high tide was at 2:41 pm peaking at 1.7'.  Everyone was still out so I drove out (holding my breath that it wasn't flat) - there was some energy - but you could barely call it knee high.  The wind was Easterly at 10 mph or so (side onshore at WPB).

I was still able to catch these waves and got several long rides to shore.  And as a bonus, with the CF1600 I was not even pumping - just making small corrections to stay with the bump, then turning when there was a surfer waiting for something they could ride or when the bump looked better the other way.

The 5'6" is just like a longboard (on foil scale).  Definitely a keeper (although if the filleted rails that I'm putting on the 4'10" work there, I may make a 5'4" with the new rail and that can be the all arounder).

I would have been completely frustrated longboarding on a day like this.  With the foil, this is still makeable even totally fun - I love foiling!!!

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