Sunday, October 6, 2019

Saturday Mid Morning Session - 5 October

I've been getting up super early for work requirements, so I've been tired when I get home from work - no evening sessions this past week.  Also the high tide has been hitting in the mornings, so I wouldn't have been foiling anyways.  Yesterday the high tide was 2.0' but at 10:30 am.  Marlon was a little surprised when I said we'd be going while the sun was full blaze.  The swell would occasionally jump up to chest high, but most of the time it was waist or lower.  The wind was relatively light and you can tell the water was cooling down (not shocking to enter, but not bath water warm anymore).  Some pictures from the GoPro -

The pictures I took of Marlon are better than the ones he took of me (because I sat on the inside and invested the time to take good pictures - hmmmmm Marlon).

Anyways - I was using the 5'6" foilboard, the Go Foil Iwa with the Kai tail (I wanted to try out the cutdown Maliko tail, but was jonesing to get some rides in without having to make adjustments or figure out positioning).  On smaller days like this one - I think the added lift from the longer chord tail wing should help - maybe today I'll slap that tail on...

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