Monday, October 28, 2019

Sunday Evening Session - 27 October

Marlon and I hit the surf during the afternoon high tide.  It was 1.5' at 3:30pm, some light tradewinds, minimal swell - smallest day yet this three day spell.  At the end of the session, there were some larger bumps showing up (front runners of the Tasman Sea swell???), but for the most part it was really small.  If I could catch the wave, the Armstrong CF1600 delivered rides all the way to the beach.  I paddled back out with the board inverted just to make sure I didn't hit bottom (even though I did once while waiting for waves - no noticeable damage).

Marlon was catching a few - and he even ended up talking to the cutest girl out there (she paddled up to him!).

The slightly bigger swell kept me out (I think the cute girl kept Marlon out) - but the sunset was really the best part.

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