Wednesday, November 27, 2019

4'6" Top Deck Trimming

Worked on the 4'6" for another hour this afternoon.

Used dragonskin and the sureform to get the volume blank dialed in a little more.

The board width is 18.75" and the thickness is at 3.75".  The approximate volume is 35 liters.

Still trying to figure out the glassing schedule on this one.  I've got some carbon tape, and a bunch of carbon - but I do want to keep this one lighter than the 4'10"  

Stay tuned... probably got another week on this one.  That's trimming out the holes for the reinforcement blocks, getting the high density foam inset, routing out the Futures boxes, getting the logos printed, glassing, sanding, filling, sanding, getting the leash plug set and finish sanding.

Crap - make that two more weeks.

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