Sunday, November 24, 2019

Afternoon - Early Evening Session - 24 November

I didn't end up going windfoiling today - the wind was still up but when I went to check the surf, it looked fun and ridable.  It was better than yesterday (and there is still swell/energy this late in the season - can't complain).  I paddled out at just after 3pm - the tide was high around the same time at 1.2' (eek - I ended up paddling the board foil up after nearly all my rides just to make sure I didn't make contact... the Armstrong is too expensive to do that).

I brought out the 4'10" and the CF1600.  I did make that adjustment I've been talking about and it made all the difference!  First picture below was the original setting - second picture was the slight push back.  This correction of roughly a cm made that front foot pressure ease off and everything came into balance.  I was able to make back-to-back turns, bouncing off sections and on the lined up walls, I'd lean into it and was rewarded with blazing speed down the line.

I believe this is the critical spot to set the foil because on a few waves I did end up breaching - something that wouldn't happen if I had it set too far back (more control).  There were a few waves I caught that were a bit steeper - and I made the drops so I'm sticking with this setting.  I ended up staying out for 2.5 hours - so much fun when the equipment is set up right!

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