Friday, November 8, 2019

Afternoon Surf Stab - 8 November

Busy-busy-busy.  Only had an hour to get wet.  Brought out the 5'2" and used the CF1600.

No wind - falling tide (got there at 1.2', it was getting shallower by the minute) - and the swell was stomach high (can't complain about that in November!).

I had the foil set at the same spot the Infinity 76 was set to.  I caught three waves, but the foil seemed slow to rise.  I paddled in and brought the foil forward about a centimeter.  It was better, but still seemed like I could do better (next outing I'll move it up a hair) - but after several more waves on the setting it was time to head back in.  Marlon said he had a great time.  He was on the outside and got to pick off some gems.

There is supposed to be bump up to chest/head high over this long weekend - I'll switch the front wing out to the HS1550 and keep using the 5'2" (can't wait!!!).

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