Saturday, November 9, 2019

More Sanding -

It never ends... at least it seems that way.  I got through the 60 grit final sanding (final before painting - and then there is more sanding after that).  I'll do a 120 and a 180 sand tomorrow.  After that I'll use a light colored spray paint to add protection against the direct sunlight.  Then I'll sand that coat down to just what is needed for said protection (see - the sanding never ends).  After that, I'll use a clear coat and cover everything to get it nice and shiny again.  After that - you guessed it - one last sanding - this one will be the 400 grit wet sand.

Then I'll drill out the leash plug hole and get that set.   If I get all this done tomorrow, I'll surf this on Monday (Veteran's Day!!!).

Sounds easy enough (not) - but I still haven't picked the paint color or printed out the logos.  I might just spray paint the logos on and use posca pens for the dimensions...

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