Thursday, December 26, 2019

Afternoon Session With Two Special Guests - 26 December

I got home from work and sanded down the epoxy I added on to the 4'6" yesterday.  I still have a few small voids to fill, but after that I should be able to knock out the remaining sanding.  I should be able to get the board wet after this weekend.

After the sanding work, I told Marlon I'd take him surfing.  He actually went this morning - so with the evening session, he had a double-dip.

While we were loading up, La and Noe said they wanted to go as well. What a rare event!!!  Noe caught a few.

And La got a couple of good ones!

I brought the longboard as the tide was low (I hate it when I hit bottom).  So I was goofy foot training again.

With the offshore breeze (another rarity) - the smaller waves were easier to catch taking off goofy - so much fun (not quite as much as foiling - but it has certainly made surfing fresh again)!

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