Sunday, December 29, 2019

Dawn Patrol - 29 December

I took the kids up to the North Shore way before dawn so they could see the Southern Cross constellation.  We did see it low on the south horizon and we did also see a couple of meteors shoot across the clear sky.  We came back home then I checked the surf report - it said the Tasman Sea swell is here - so off Marlon and I went.

The swell was definitely bigger than yesterday - but everyone got the same report and it was crowded.

I brought the 4'10" and the Armstrong CF1600 in anticipation of the available energy.  I did go over the bolts and tightened everything up a bit.  I was surprised at how much more I could tighten them up.  The waves were chest high on the sets and there was zero wind.  The waves were clean and I managed to pick off five or so.  The first couple I had to get my feet back under me with this foil - I ended up breaching.  Then I got dialed in and had some really long rides.

My last wave I got set up nicely on a long wall that was flirting with breaking - and I ended the ride with a couple of linked, really hard, banked turns - SO MUCH FUN!!!!

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