Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Evening Session (Yesterday) - 10 December

Marlon and I went longboarding yesterday evening - the tide was too low for my liking to bring out the foil.  Here's Marlon on a couple of different waves.

Since I had the longboard, I figured I'd continue to work on my goofy foot skills.

The waves were about thigh high and the wind was minimal.  With the waves as small as they were, the takeoff spots got condensed and there were more party waves than not.

I started by riding regular and then switching.  Then I started just taking off goofy.  Since I just started doing this, it still feels awkward.  With smaller waves it's not an issue, but bigger could be an issue.  Lucky for me it's winter and the waves should be on the smaller side - time to learn something new!

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