Saturday, December 14, 2019

Last Steps Before Glassing

I worked on the 4'6" yesterday and today.  Yesterday I faired in the slots for the track mount reinforcement blocks, cut out the carbon patches for the bottom of the slots, and dropped them in with epoxy (4.4 oz per box - probably only 3.0 oz stayed in place after squeeze out).

Today I sanded down the excess reinforcement block and sloppy epoxy work.  Then I measured out the track alignment and re-sanded the board at 180 and 400.  I also ran the block plane over the stringer one last time.  Tomorrow I'll route out the track slots and start glassing.  I'm still debating about what the glass schedule will be -

1.  Carbon patch at the tracks, then carbon strips up the stringers.
2.  Carbon everywhere top and bottom (just like the 4'10")
3.  Partial carbon along the back half of the board top and bottom (not forward of where my front foot would rest - not needed there).

If I go with 1 or 3, I can use printed labels.  Hmmmm - decisions, decisions, decisions.

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