Monday, December 30, 2019

More of the Late Season Tasman Sea Swell - 30 December

La wanted to take some pictures to get more familiar with her DSLR - who am I to debate?!!!  I took out the 4'10" and the Armstrong CF1600.  The swell was big enough that I think I could have tried the CF1200.  There was some wind, but while Marlon and I were out, it wasn't too unruly.  The tide was high at 1.8' - plenty of depth.

I caught five, but there was a weird chop and something going on underneath the surface and it made riding a little challenging this morning.  The last few I did ride for much longer, but yesterday was better riding conditions.

Marlon was catching some of the larger waves on the outside.

Hopefully this swell sticks around for at least a couple more days.  I'll volunteer to help La learn more about her camera settings anytime!

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