Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Annoiting of the 4'6" Prone Foil Board - 1 January

Happy New Year!!!  Our family hit the beach to catch the first sunrise of the year and the decade.  It did not disappoint!

And since we were at the beach already, it seemed appropriate to annoit the 4'6".  I didn't know what the surf was going to be like, so I brought out the Maliko 200 (preparing for the worst).  That turned out to be a wrong call.  There was some swell, no wind and a deep tide - should have brought the Iwa on the 29.5" mast.

This board was hard to get up on - primarily because it was designed to take a steeper wave - but with the Maliko bolted on, I would breach (and quickly - see image above).

I finally got on a few waves on the inside and the glide of the Maliko was perfect.  The narrow board made it easier to control the foil (once I had caught a wave).  The volume is considerably less than what I have been using - this is 19" compared to 22" on the 4'10" - so that might have also been a factor today.  Next time there is enough energy in the water to use this board, I think I'll bolt on the Armstrong CF1200 to see if that helps.

I don't want to paint the picture that this board didn't work - quite the contrary - but having the right conditions and the right foil would help (and the board would help in turn).  

So welcome to 2020!  May we all have the hindsight to look forward and do what is right for ourselves and humanity (and may the next decade be filled with awesome stoke)!!!  Big MAHALO to La for taking the pictures!

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