Monday, January 13, 2020

First Surf of the Year - 13 January

The forecast called for the same wave energy from this weekend to be lingering around this afternoon.  With the lower tide, I figured I would bring out a shortboard - the Coil Industries 6'3".  The waves were about half of what they were yesterday - so yesterday was the day to surf (and today would have been better for foiling).  I caught a few and one really long fun one.

Today is also the day I bequeathed the 6'3" to Marlon.  With a resounding "Yes" - as if he was actually expecting me to do this, I went ahead and turned it over to him lock-stock-and barrel.  This will be a really good board for him to learn on.  If I can ride this board on waist high waves, he should be able to rip this board - time will tell.  Marlon was sick - so he stayed onshore today - otherwise the bequeathal would have been out in the surf.  It'll be fun watching him learn on this board!

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