Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Foiling Afternoon - 1/22/2020

Went foiling this afternoon - brought out the 5'2" foil board and the Go Foil Iwa (on the 24.5" +3" mast).  The tide was pretty low at 0.4' when I was out.  Had to paddle the board upside down quite a ways out to get to a deep lineup.  Almost zero wind.

I had the foil set just forward of the mark where the Slingshot Infinity 76 was placed.  I guess I had never used this foil with the Go Foil before...  I caught a few with this setting, but it felt a little unstable.  I paddled in and moved the foil back in the tracks and it worked awesome afterwards - when in doubt, bring a screwdriver to the beach - don't settle for a suboptimal foil position...

After I made the adjustment, I was getting super long rides and pumping was a breeze.  I even headed back out on one - almost made it to a second wave but my legs were burning.  I forgot just how much fun the Go Foil Iwa is!

There were no clouds in the sky so I got to see a second green flash this week!  Thigh high waves - astronomical phenomenon and getting to hang out with Marlon (after he drove to the beach by himself - I came with an old friend Ky).  Awesome session!

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