Thursday, January 16, 2020

Go Foil Surgery

I'm working on getting these Generation 1 Go Foils to swap across masts seamlessly.  First step was measuring the front wing plugs every 1/2" to get an idea of what is really going on.  The 29.5" mast seemed to be a fraction of a millimeter larger across the entire length.  Next step is filing the sides of the front wing plug of the 29.5" mast until its profile matches the 24.5".

After about 30 minutes of filing, I got pretty close.  I was going slow so I don't over do it - you can only file down to size once.  I'll try to get to it again this coming weekend.

The next steps beyond this will be to shim the interior of the Iwa, Kai and Nalu front wings since they are bigger than the interior of the Maliko 200.  I did this already to the Maliko 280.  I only need to get in the ballpark during this step as metal duct tape can be used to fine tune the fit for each wing.

After all this work, I should be able to start windsurf wave foiling in minimal winds on the 29.5" mast with the big wings, and prone foil surf with the Iwa on the 24.5" mast again.  I am projecting it'll totally be worth all the effort.

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