Monday, February 17, 2020

And This Happened - The Viking

I've been eyeing this board for a while - and I wanted to get one before they go out of production (as they sometimes do).  La got this for me on our 19th Anniversary - welcome The Viking!

This board is 11' long, 23 5/8" wide, and 3 1/2 thick - 96.55 L of volume.  For its length and girth, the board doesn't weigh what you think it would - EPS core helps a lot.  But it does have some good weight to glide in and keep moving in the flats.  There have been days where the TJ Everyday hasn't picked up waves - small days mostly, but I wanted to have this board to be able to ride anything - ankle high snappers all the way up to overhead rollers.  And with this glider, I can catch waves earlier than most now.

The guy at the shop said to use a regular fin - something not over 9.25" - and if possible something in the 8.5" range.

On the truck, it actually doesn't seem like an 11' board.

I really like the Firewire Timber Tech construction - I'm expecting this board to last a very long time !

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