Thursday, February 13, 2020

Evening Session - 2/13/2020

Got home today from work and headed to the beach - been working late all this week so I needed to paddle around.  The tide was a rising high - I got in at 0.5' and got out at 0.9'.  The swell was thigh high with occasional belly high sets.  There was some wind, but not enough to blow out the surf.

I had the 5'2" and the Maliko 200 out again - the foil setting is perfect so I'll mark this position and start surfing a different combo next time.

I got three really fun rides right off the bat.  All glide and not much pumping - magic of the Maliko.  But after a couple more, the swell seemed to double up and I did not want to take off on a wave that was too steep (while using the Maliko).  I figured I had my fair share and took one last one in.  Hopefully I can do it all again tomorrow!

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