Sunday, March 22, 2020

Dawn Patrol - 3/22/2020

Marlon and I headed out this morning and found this - locked gate to the beach.  Lots of people were figuring it was a shutdown, I said it was probably the security guy oversleeping.

Since we were out, we decided to drive a little further out to see what Tracks looked like.  It was breaking about chest high and it was clean - but crowded.  On the way back home we figured we'd check if signs had been posted at the break - and we found the gate open.

We ended up surfing for less than we did yesterday - conditions wise the wind was up so there was a chop, the tide was slightly higher than yesterday but still in the draining mode, and the swell seemed to be holding.  But the crowd was a little thick (we missed the dawn patrol obviously) and the chop somewhat reduced the quality.

Considering where we all are at with COVID-19, this will likely be the last time we surf until things start to get better.  I did switch the rear tail out from the 232 to the 300.  The ride did tighten up and was more predictable.  I caught a few that went on forever - I basically stayed inside since the crowd was fighting for the peak waves.  Stay safe everyone -

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