Thursday, March 26, 2020

Dialing in the Prone Foilboard

With the COVID-19 virus making its rounds, I have retreated to the garage and am punching out some boards to enjoy this summer.  Yesterday evening I spent some time cleaning up the rough shaping on the new prone foilboard.  Right now the dimensions on this one are 4'10"x20"x4.25" - will probably shrink just a bit as the blending occurs.

I wanted this to be a narrower version of the 4'10" I made last year (and one that is EPS).  I'll compensate the lost volume from the narrower width in more thickness in the back end.  I'll also play with some d-cell layering and targeted carbon placement (instead of all over).  If the wind is up again tomorrow afternoon, I likely start the fine shaping on this board (and the wind is light, I'll try to get some surf in).

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