Monday, May 18, 2009

Top Deck On

Cleaned up last night's bottom laminate. The bottom deck came out beautifully. The rails and especially the nose left a lot to be desired.

After the lap cleanups, I went and bought some 1/4" Red Pin Striping tape from Autozone. $4.99

Placed the tape on and then got the fiberglass ready. 2X 4 oz again - with a little less than an inch on the laps. I cut a lot less relief cuts on this one - seemed to work better.

Mixed up 24 oz of resin research epoxy and BAM - right on the MONEY - not a drop wasted!!! As much as I dread glassing, I figure I'm starting to get a gut feel for it.

I love shaping. I love sanding - even over and over again - nothing like seeing the shine come out of something after sanding with progressively finer sandpaper. But I do not love glassing. Of all the things that could go wrong with making a board, this is where all the risk is in my humble opinion. Polyester is probably easier and less hassle, but the stigma that comes with EPOXY - high tech, etc. just keeps drawing me back. Oh, and no spidercracks. I hate spidercracks. I hate spidercracks more than I don't love glassing.

We'll see how it all turned out tomorrow...

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