Monday, June 27, 2011


These guys are my neighbors. It was raining hard all weekend, and these guys were braver than usual. They stood their ground when I approached with the camera - as if they were saying "Dude - you're in my zone..."

Too small

I've finally started to experiment with coconuts.

There is such a thing as a coconut too small to have a shell.

This one had water (coconut), but it didn't taste so well. It also didn't have a hard shell. Did I say that already??? I must be going (coco)nuts!!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cocos nucifera

Coconut trees are everywhere out here. They certainly complete the "tropical island" image.

I'm going to start trying to open the ones that have fallen to get at the coconut water, young coconut flesh and to make cool "tropical" stuff out of the coconut shells - stay tuned.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Night's Dinner

My contribution to a potluck last night.

I love broiling fish!

Fish Everywhere

Freaking Awesome!!!!

That's all I'm gonna say -

Saturday Run, Part 2

Went kiting a second time - got tons of jumps, not small ones either - big air all around.

I have way too many pictures this time around...

I tried to pick ones that showed the different colors of the lagoon.

The camera angle is good too - I am using the GoPro clamp located at the depower/power adjusters. My favorite move out here is getting big air and throwing a board twist at the apex of the jump. It's hard to do a full on table top because of the chicken loop - but I'll keep trying. I will be working to get more comfortable jumping on my weak side too (I'm a regular foot).

If I hadn't already said it - this place is paradise for kiting!

Awesome day!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Saturday Run, Part 1

Today isn't turning out the way I thought it would, but it is still fun -

I was hoping to kite around 0800, but it was raining pretty solidly.

I did get to kite - pretty gusty conditions. I used the Raptor (twin tip) - really a random thought but glad I did. When I got there it was super low tide - inches of water (check out the pictures) - the Raptor TORE IT UP!

I tried to stay on the inside for most of this run - with the gusty winds and no leash, I felt I should play it safe. I did venture out a couple of times and even lost the board for a second - I just dumped the power in the kite and got the board without any drama.

Lots of high jumps - definitely got some adrenaline pumping!

I landed the kite (just in time - as a squall pushed in about 5 minutes after I landed) and went home thinking I was going to get a dive in - nope - work issue.

Max Speed 22.4 mph; Total distance 13.07 miles covered in 1 hour 13 minutes (yes I had the GPS on me).

Now that that's done, I think I'll put the kite up again. See you in a bit!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Front Door

This is what I see when I leave my room.

Hideous isn't it...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crazy Wind

That spike was when I had planned on going kiting.

I'm glad I didn't go today (otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to SUP!!!).

Discretion is often the better part of valor -

First Downwinder on island

After running errands, cooking and even stopping into work for a bit, I packed up my windsurfing harness and biked to the Marina. I bumped into George (Gesner), Jasper, Bob (Merton) and a few of the regulars. I talked about the kiting conditions yesterday, how strong the wind was early this morning (too strong for kiting - my opinion; by this time it had backed off a hair) and was going to rent a board and sail to practice windsurfing (another race in two weeks).

That's when George asked if I had done downwinders on SUPs before. Of course I said 'yes' and then he asked if I wanted to go today. Of course I said 'yes!' He let me use his Starboard Blend (and it was as comfortable as mine back home).

We launched from the base of the POL Pier and started paddling out towards the wind line. This is actually near the place I saw those two Tigers - but that's old news.

The wind was strong enough to keep us around 4.5 mph average. We paddled exactly 3.0 miles. I got a peak speed of 9.3 mph on an early runner. From that point forward, the swells were too close together and a hair small to be able to ride for long. I did get a few more runners, but not many.

Checkout the color of the water and the clouds in the sky - pretty awesome!!!

From discussing SUPing on island with George, this sounds like it was one of the first (if not THE first) downwinder.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doko Ichiban Fishing Spot

This is the point of land where the O'Club sits.

In my humble opinion, the best spot to pull fish in.

I lost my rig early on (and had other things to do so I didn't bring spares), but I did bring the camera and now I get to show you one of the most picturesque spots on the island.

One more thing...

I'd like to thank my sponsors for allowing me to do things on the water and in life -

No not you Dakine, Stretch, GoPro or Cabrihna - although if you are looking and WANT to sponsor me, I'm willing to talk...

LA, MARLON and NOE!!! You all give me the strength and courage to fly!

I miss you with all my heart! I truly wish I could share this place with you!

Active Saturday

Out here there has been a lot of activity leading up to the 113th Philippines Independence Day Celebrations.

Last night I was guest speaker for the Cultural Celebration (me??? Can you believe that???)

This morning I ran in a sprint swim-run (and got first in my age division - and not out of 1 person, more like 5).

Then I put up the kite - 11m with winds ranging from 15-25 mph. As the pictures show, pretty awesome session. Was able to self launch using a carbiner and line (check you tube).

The bottom picture gives me the heebee-jeebees - kite eating trees....

I had to cut the session short because I was on line to judge the PIDC Parade Floats. There were people on the beach and I didn't have to self-land - always nicer that way. Biked back home (I look funny with a kite bag and board strapped to my back and a harness on my waist while riding), showered and got back out the door.

The parade was cool - lots of creativity - and it was followed by a huge picnic. Adobo, Chicken Curry (almost like Bicol Express minus the pork and chilis), Beef Calderetta and Fried Rice. I had two servings. And got really full. And sleepy.

So off to the room and off to sleep I went.

The wind forecast is good again tomorrow!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Kiting Jake's Place

Hit 25.5 mph on the GPS and covered 9 miles in an hour.

After work run at Jake's Place - which is pretty much the only accessible kite launch here - everywhere else either has too many trees or is crowded with boats and such.

Got in a bunch of jumps - but with me being Mister Conservative, I only did them within reach of shore on my strong side - I'll have to make a conscious effort to work my weak side more.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


One of the many species of crab out here.

Playing for Keeps

I usually practice catch and release - and had the intent to do so again this morning, but when I hooked this goatfish, the hook went into his check.

It looked like it lost some blood on the beach, and I didn't think it would make it back out without becoming food for another fish (Giant Trevally).

So I decided to keep this one.

The pictures still aren't clear (sorry - new camera is on it's way - thanks La), but this is from beach to belly.

I used a garlic salt, chili powder, black pepper rub, and pan fried it.

The meat is firm and tasty - I know what I'll be eating in the future!

If you catch it (and can't let it go) - you eat it!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Fish

What you can't see in this picture (below - the camera was pointed down at the water) is a pair of 10' Tiger Sharks.

Big mothers.... A little disconcerting that I share the lagoon with these fish.

Also - this is the biggest fish I've caught so far out here (a Big Bonefish - really tough fighter - he was shaking so hard on the deck that he knocked a bunch of his own scales off).

The people I was fishing with were catching snapper, moray eels, grouper, and a decent sized Ulua (Giant Trevally). For some reason I was not getting the bites that they were - almost as if my bait "stunk"

SO - I almost got skunked (but not quite)!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hey Kiddoroosters - Check this out!!!

Daddy-O caught some more fish!!!

Today was three -

A small pompano type fish (that let go of the hook as soon as I got him out of the water)

This bonefish which fought an awesome fight - was bending the part of the reel that attached to the rod!!!!

And this Humuhumunukunukuapua'a!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fish On!

No pictures again (sorry - I know it makes a difference - I'm going to start using my GoPro despite the distortion).

Went fishing again today after work. The wind has died back (hovering around 5mph instead of 15mph) and the tide was high.

I either hooked into something big or got a snag with my lightweight pole. 15 casts and I was done - but wait!!!!

This time I came better prepared - a second pole (fancy that huh - only took my third time out to remember I have more than one pole here with me).

I brought the Sabiki and guess what? That thing worked like voodoo!

After a 30 minute session, I had landed:

- an 8" Bonefish
- a 4" Goatfish
- a 7" Goatfish with a flag tail
- and a 7" Jack (one that I haven't seen before - threadfin type - actually perhaps a species of Dart?)

So yes - I have caught my first bonefish and it was on a Sabiki rig - nice fighter - I need to start casting my fly rod (except the wind is still pretty influential). I released all four (Does anyone have a good recipe for goatfish?) to fight again another day.

Of the six lures attached to the rig, 2 got stripped off by something bigger than the fish I was able to bring in.

After this point, I was ready to keep one for food, but kinda like when you're surfing and you decide "I'll take the next one in" and that one never comes, I finally got hung up in some coral and lost the rig.

But talk about FUN! I wish I had my two kids out here for this...