Saturday, September 30, 2017

Replacing an Eye

On one of my fishing rods -

Now to go fishing!!!  This is a very long lightweight spinning rod!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Afternoon Surfing on a Really Small Day

I took Marlon surfing yesterday afternoon - it was the only time all weekend that I could because of time commitments and when there was any surf to speak of.  It has been quite the small summer surf-wise and on this first weekend of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, that streak continues.  I didn't even bring out the GoPro thinking the surf was too small (this picture is just thrown in for attention - it was from a session earlier this month).

Hopefully there will be surf sooner than later...

Lots of Boats Racing Yesterday

Noe raced in the HYSA #8 race - the BICs were invited so there were another 18 boats in the water and other races going on around Kaneohe.

Pulling the boat trailer out of KYC was pretty comical (watching everybody stack boats in and on top of trucks, cars and dollies).

So La isn't a "Soccer Mom" - she's a "Sailing Mom"!!!

International 14s

I've always loved these boats.  I've never sailed in one, but the lines, the sail plan, the performance - it all oozes fluid perfection!

These boats were out for a race yesterday - and even though the winds were ridiculously light, I bet they had a wonderful time!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

La Spin Fishing

This weekend was a busy regatta weekend for us.  The El Toro State of Hawaii event was on Saturday (Noe got a second in the small sail division) and on Sunday the Bullship event was held.  On Saturday I had to help out to prepare for an upcoming STEM event I'm helping with and La stayed with the other sailing moms.  But on Sunday, I figured I could get some fishing in while waiting and La said she wanted to come along... that never happens...

But she had fun casting and looking at the schools of young fish hanging out by the pier, the big turtles that would come up for air, and the occasional aha charging our lures.  No bites, but a fun way to hang out and spend time together!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Jigsaw is Easier

I am definitely going to practice more on the scroll saw - I feel bad that it just sits in the garage.  But for all the practice and use I've put into using my jigsaw - this is just so much easier to cut with.

I did cutout the front wings for the hydrofoils yesterday evening.  I started on the rear wings, but ran out of daylight because I was getting distracted with other associated things like reorganizing the garage.  More to follow.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Slowly Getting Ready for the Build

Marlon and I went surfing on Saturday morning.  The surf was small and the tide was high - not a good combination for conventional equipment.  That got me thinking I need to get a hydrofoil completed.  I got a third of a step closer - I cut out one of three main wings using the scroll saw.

I'm going to cut out the other two this evening - I'll use a jigsaw with a new blade.  I think I need more time on the scroll saw before I use it for finish work - possibly more tension on the blade to make it more responsive to the turning wood?  Anyways - nothing a good sander can't handle ;)

Monday, September 4, 2017

Dawn Patrolling the Last of this Summer Swell

The swell that hit this weekend was basically the only big swell to hit this summer.  Marlon and I surfed it on Saturday evening and this morning (Monday).  The swell was overhead at times and the period was a little too quick, but it was good to have some sizable surf.  I thought the surf was actually going to be smaller today - so I brought the GoPro 5 on the suction cup mount.  The surf didn't knock it off the board, so it's likely that I'll start putting it on Marlon's board when we go out.  Here's a few pictures from today -

Fixed the Big Green Egg

My egg had an under bite that was driving me nuts.  I ended up unbolting everything twice over the past couple of years and after several uses, the under bite would come back.  I was reading on the internet and found that Big Green Egg changed the band set from a rear spring assist to the side spring assist that the larger sized units use.  I picked one up and installed it yesterday.

If ease of installation and the first opening are indicators of how this band system will ultimately work out, this is going to be awesome!!!  The bands went on easily and the springs really only worked to slow down the lid once was almost opened.  I'll track the alignment over the next several weeks, but I'm hopeful that this new system will end the shifting alignment.  Time to cook more with the Egg!!!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Brunch at Nico's

We followed up fishing with brunch at Nico's!  I actually had to go to POPs to get an upgraded Big Green Egg band set, but Nico's was right there.  La's Catch of the Day - Opah

Marlon's Fish and Chips

My Orange Fried Chicken

And Noe already finished her Spicy Tuna Sushi by the time our food came out.

Family Fishing Outing

La asked to go fly fishing a couple of weekends ago - we were able to get out early enough yesterday!!!

This is the flats at 7:20 in the morning

La had taken lessons with Marlon a while back (when we lived in Virginia), but I gave her a refresher lesson

She spent the next hour casting away - she said it was relaxing!!!

Awesome morning!!!  I drifted off to let her get her casting down and I had a few shots at some bonefish - no hook ups but sometimes that's not what important...