Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Out Dragging Some Boats Around Town

Laser races -

Monday Afternoon Surf - January 22, 2018

I took Marlon out to go catch some out of season South Swell - good fun size waves!

I'm going to have to get a mount for Marlon to use so I can get pictures of him surfing.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Projects Stacking

Besides the two foils I've been ignoring, I also got a couple of fishing poles I need to fix.  The eyes have been popping out (age, use, both?) - I figured I should just replace the whole string on both rods instead of piecemealing like I have been.

That means marking the current locations of the eyes, removing, cleaning, wrapping and laying epoxy.  When I actually start, that will amount to a couple of weekends of work.  And since I'm rewrapping, I could clean up the Epic fly rods I put together...

More projects...

Monday, January 15, 2018

New Router

Makita 18V - I'm looking forward to cutting with this!!!  Gonna coming in handy making a new magnetic knife rack for the kitchen and making mounts for the hydrofoil.  Stayed tuned!

Surfing on Martin Luther King Jr Weekend

Sunday morning I took Marlon surfing.  He's been using La's board lately and having a blast cruising around (and catching waves easily - ahh the benefits of a good longboard!!!).  The big swell on the North Shore finally wrapped around to Kualaka'i (White Plains Beach).

We did the same this morning (Monday).  But the swell was less consistent (although a couple of sets were actually head high).  On the way back in, someone took up the whole beach -

I've definitely gotten lazy in my middle ages - I definitely prefer surfing my home break to driving all over the island like I used to - but the funny thing is I like surfing my home break better than the other spots.  Now to get that foil up and running....

Big Surf on Saturday January 13th, 2018

I took the kids up to see the big surf breaking on the North Shore this past Saturday.  I opted to take them over to Mokuleia Beach Park (google maps showed Kamehameha Highway pretty much at a standstill above Haleiwa).

And since we were up there, we hit the best burger shop in the universe - Kua Aina.

Earlier in the day we woke up to an emergency broadcast message on our phones saying there was an inbound ballistic missile, that we should take cover and the message wasn't a drill.  Nothing a Kua Aina burger can't fix!!!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

More Fishing (Cause there wasn't any Catching)

I took the kids out again this afternoon.  We had a good time hanging out - but we didn't get any fish to hand.

In fact I got snagged five times (that is a lot for me).  Despite the lack of action, we had a great time exploring the flat.

Fish for Dinner on New Years

We always have seafood for New Years - no different this year

Happy 2018!!!

Marlon and I took in the first sunrise of 2018 at our surf spot!

I took out the Starboard Element and Marlon got permission to take out La's Patagonia Noseglider.

The waves were small but fun - 

Marlon said this board was really fun!  Looking forward to another year of good surf, a full life of giving back to the community, learning more, and staying healthy!!!  Happy New Year!