Monday, August 31, 2015

Trigger Happy on Sunday 8/30/2015

I went spinfishing yesterday - chucked squid out and pulled in four humuhumunukunukuapua'as to hand and one big one dove in some rocks and managed to get unhooked. I also tried to catch some o'ama, but after chasing two separate schools, I couldn't get a single one to bite. The water was clearer than Saturday, but it was even warmer than just the day before... I remember Oahu 20 years ago - I'd get cold in the water. Constantly in the 70's. Not anymore.

Flyfishing on Saturday 8/29/2015

The low tide was around 10 am so I decided to get a later start than normal. Sleeping in on the weekends is a luxury that I have forgotten about. I decided to stick to fly fishing for o'io and lined up the Orvis Helios 8wt with a RIO Bonefish Quickshooter 8wt and tied on a lightly weighted "Spam and Eggs" fly. I got two bones to dig for my fly, but I tried to strip set to soon and ended up empty handed. There is nothing like that split second when you've got a big fish trying to eat your fly and you have to determine when to set the hook. I still have the shivers.... After that I tried to see if the papio would take on a yellow on white clouser I tied up. No takers. I called it after that as I had to spend some time at work. On the way in I checked the spots where I've seen the o'ama schooling up. Sure enough they were there in force. The water was not as clear as it usually is - with all the rain and runoff, it had a distinct 'brown' shading to it. That definitely shortened up the sight fishing - I couldn't see the fish so far out, and they couldn't see me up close either. Too bad I couldn't connect the dots... I also noticed the water has been getting a lot warmer - this coral head looks like it is expelling it's zoothanthelle... Nice day on the flat!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

More Art from the SEA-TAC Airport

This rather large gyotaku is up in the passageway or Terminal D. Very impressive three panel work. This makes me want to dig out some of my unfinished work...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy 125th Duke!!!

August 24th is the Duke's 125th birthday!!! Google acknowledges his birthday with this banner! Take a lesson from this Ambassador of Aloha and be better than you were yesterday today, and take that further tomorrow. We could all give more aloha in today's world where there are more people and more challenges. Aloha Duke!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bass Pro Shop Pilgrimage

Even though we've been in here a bunch of times, I just had to do it... I love this setup - some day... That said, I don't buy everything at BSP - I got this from Jo-Ann's across the freeway. $2.50 with a 50% off coupon!

Another Cool Fly Shop

Cool shop full of cool guys that love fly fishing (and GT and Bonefish). Stop in if you're passing exit 130 on the I-5 around Tacoma. I found four unique flies that I picked up - pretty good ratio for walking into a new fly shop. I also picked up a new Fishpond Sushi Roll to hold my flies while on the water. I'll be back!!!

Noe's New Skateboard

We've been a longboard skateboard family forever. Until now - Noe decorated a shortboard deck at an art class this summer and she has been waiting for me to help her get it set up. Here she is in her pirate skater garb. The kiddoroosters also found the land-paddling stick I made back in Gulfport. Skaters rule!!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

First Post from Guest Poster

Hello!  I'll be posting stuff with my Dad so that Dad can keep up with what we are doing.  We went SUPing last Tuesday at American Lake, Washington.  There were a whole bunch of the helicopters.

Seattle for the Day

We headed up to Seattle for the day - we started by checking out Emerald Water Anglers. Nice shop with a really cool fly organizing system. After that we made out way to Pike's Place Market. We saw the Duck Truck fleet partying it up in the streets. Lots of people at the market.... No shortage of fish and fishing references We went to have some chowder at the Pacific Place Mall (no lines like at the Market). Ended up walking around Belltown for a bit. And we finished off the day at the Asian district near the stadiums. Fun day checking out Seattle and catching up with my bro Landon at the sushi joint!!!