Sunday, July 5, 2020

Evening Session - 7/5/2020

I pulled a solo strike mission at PTs today.  The wind was onshore and up when I got there (two wing foilers were out and powered up) - surface was choppy.  The swell was still on the bigger side so there was plenty of energy to tap in to.  Lastly the tide was up - really high with the full moon - around 2.3' when I was out there.  This morning I had shifted the Go Foil mast back by a quarter of an inch - what a difference that made!!!  This session was another incredible run - instead of fighting the foil, I was just flying as fast as I could!!!  I really need to start measuring my speed...

This setting is going to get marked.  The other change I made was to put on the P18W tail.  After paddling for the thicker waves, I made the drops, lined up on the walls and just kept going faster.  Cranking turns was also fun - more intuitive at this setting - the more I turned the more confident I became and the harder I tried to turn.  RIDUNKULOUS FUN!!!

So having surfed the Armstrong CF1600 and this Go Foil GL140/P18W, I can still say the Armstrong feels super smooth and it is the "Ferrari" of foils.  And I've said (and will keep saying) the Go Foil GLs are the daily driver workhorses - I'd even say the "Fords" - but with days like today under my belt (mind you I've had many but with the Go Foil on the Wider 4'10") this is no ordinary Ford - call it a GT40 and that should be an accurate comparison (yes I recently watch the movie).  I love prone surf foiling!!!

Next Project

This blank has been sitting in my garage since I finished making the skinny 4'10".  I've been contemplating what to make out of it - and still haven't really decided.

I've thought about making another skinny 4'10" (maybe 4'8") but with a little less thickness and volume - one with a little less float than the last one.  I could add foot-strap inserts and start practicing aerials.  I do have the foot-straps...  But that would not make the most use of the blank.

Considering that last factor, I figured I should make a Winging board - something around 26" wide, straight parallel rails, thickness up and down the board, and handles on both the top and bottom decks.  I could use the carbon tape along the stringer top and bottom and innegra for toughness (with cover sheets of fiberglass for sanding sanity).  I could use d-cell sheets where I plan on putting my feet, and d-cell inserts for the foot-strap plugs and the foil tracks.  All sounds good, but a 5'2" winging board is not for beginners and I don't even have a wing.  So we'll see what ends up being next (might get another 10'10" polyurethane SUP blank - to split)

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Evening Session - 7/4/2020

Marlon and I hit PTs this afternoon.  The gate was open so we drove in and onto the sand next to the showers.  We checked the surf and at first it seemed small - but that was deceiving.  Sitting in the line up, the waves were breaking just overhead and the inside ones were chest high.  The tide was super high at 2.3' and with the bigger waves, we saw some overtopping of the berm.  What made today hard to ride was the onshore wind and the resulting chop.  Today's picture is an older one - with all the activity, I didn't take any today but this was the foil setup I used.

I did another shake up and brought out the skinny 4'10" with the Go Foil 24.5" (+ 3" track adaptor), the GL140 and the P17.5 tail.  It took me a couple of waves to get recalibrated on this setup.  My first two waves I wasn't getting my front foot up far enough to balance out the front wing.  I'd take the drop, veer left and then drop off foil in a hard nose dive (breaching).  I got tired of that real quick, shifted everything forward (paddling position is where it all starts) and the breaches thinned out.  The drops were really thrilling - you had to pick your waves carefully so you wouldn't get caught up in a pile of white water.  When I did catch the good ones, I'd take them left, do a swooping turn on a rapidly standing reform and get into high gear for the wall run.  I forgot how fast this wing was in the right conditions.  Marlon was catching everything (as usual).  Hopefully the wind lightens up and this swell sticks around.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Evening Session - 7/3/2020

Was going to Pine Trees this evening - but one of the regulars pulled up and said "there's something in the water... and it isn't traveling - just be careful".  Went over the dune to check it all out.  There was no one in the water - even though the waves looked really good.  While I was stretching I kept looking at the water beyond the break.  Sometimes I would see different colored water - so I opted out.  Being the only person out made for bad odds.  I packed up and headed over to White Plains.  As expected it was pretty crowded.  The surf was chest high and with the low wind, it looked pretty good.  The tide was high and everytime I checked the bottom, it was far below.

I brought the wide 4'10" and the Armstrong CF1600 again.  No changes - but I think I would have had an easier time with the HS1550 - I wiped on a few of the bigger ones.  While yesterday was more about lining up on the double faces, today was dropping in and turning hard.  Really good carves from the CF1600.  I like how this foil rides higher and instead of blowing up, there is a tell-tale gurgle and you can put more front pressure to prevent the blow up. 

This swell is supposed to stick around for a couple of days - next time I'll bring the other wings (HS1550 and the 232 rear).

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Evening Session - 7/2/2020

Hit the beach after work - the wind was way down, the tide was dropping fast from a high of 2.0' (probably around 1.3' while I was out), and the surf was consistently around waist high if you stayed inside - but I stayed more outside to try and catch the chest high waves (which were more inconsistent).

I had the same setup as yesterday - wide 4'10", Armstrong CF1600 and UNI tail.  I caught a bunch but most were the second wave of a close double.  That made for fun rides in a very small pocket (trough between the two peaks).  Breaking singles were pretty hard to come by.  I got some good glides and carving turns - pulling G's going from low to high on a wave then top turning into a dropping face - lots of fun!

There was a C-17 doing touch 'n go's - looks like a big hydrofoil to me!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Evening Session - 7/1/2020

I got home at regular time today, and my hip felt better so I decided to go to the beach.  I brought the wide 4'10" and kept the Armstrong foil on it.  I changed the wing from the HS1550 to the CF1600.  I also moved the mast a notch back.

The tide was dropping from a high of 2.0'.  The winds were trades 10 to 20 (so it wasn't messing up the surface too much).  Lastly the swell was mostly waist high, but every 20 minutes or so a bigger set would show up - head high and stacked - probably 5 waves in the set.  Marlon got dropped off after his internship (thanks La!) and he was on every set.

I caught a bunch riding all the way from takeoff to the beach.  And actually on my last one, I kicked out and ended up hitting the bottom (landing on it).

Just scratches.  The rides were worth it. 

Monday, June 29, 2020

Evening Session - 6/28/2020

Yesterday I spent some time reconfiguring gear.  I've been noticing the skinny 4'10" is super buoyant and coupled with the Armstrong foil, this setup just wants to float away on its own.  The wide 4'10" is relatively heavy and the Go Foils are not the lightest - not that weight has ever bothered me, but I figured if I switched the skinny and wide boards with which foils I have historically been using with them, I can get closer performance as the weights get closer to each other.  Here you can see the flip flop.

I went to PTs in the late afternoon.  Originally I had the wide 4'10" setup with the Armstrong CF1200 - thinking the swell would be hitting.  I got to the parking area and I could hear the surf breaking.  The wind was up and onshore and the tide was rising - probably around 1.0' while I was out.  The big surprise was the surf was not that big.  I paddled out anyways, but the first couple of waves I caught, I could not get the CF1200 to lift.  I did get a ride - I could feel how maneuverable the foil could be, but I had to pump a lot to keep it moving.  I even felt my left hip pull a bit (ouch).  I paddled in and swapped out the front wing to the HS1550.  In theory, I should have pushed the mast forward to get more lift out of the wing, but with limited time, I knew the HS1550 would lift where the mast was bolted down.  I was able to ride like normal after the wing change.  The flatter HS1550 is faster than the CF1600 and I could pump it back out to the break pretty easily.  With the setup I had on at this point, I felt like I still dolphin-ed periodically - this tells me that I need to push the foil up a notch so I can just glide with minimal pumping.

I'm wondering if I had the CF1600 on, would everything have just clicked from the get go (and if I wouldn't have pulled my left hamstring).

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Evening Session - 6/27/2020

Went foiling at PTs.  It was a bit more crowded than normal - both in the water and on the beach.  The people on the beach were not social distancing at all...  and a lot of the people in the water were newbies that don't know etiquette.  Anyways - the wind was down, the tide was rising at 1.2' and the swell was inconsistent but shoulder to head high on the sets, waist to chest on the norm.

I brought out the wide 4'10" and the Go Foil with the GL180 - I was banking on a smaller swell based on some recon La and I did earlier on an errand run.  Well - on the outside takeoffs, I could have definitely used the GL140 - I would takeoff on some pitching waves and not make the drop - I think because of overspeed.  On the ones I did make, the GL180 did allow me to ride all the way in.  The entire session I felt a weird wobble and turbulence from the foil.  I tightened all the screws before leaving for the beach - and there wasn't a lot of chop on the water so I'm not sure why the drag was there.  Maybe coming off the Armstrong for the past for several sessions, I got used to the smoothness.  I'm thinking if I had the GL140, I would have made more drops and the turbulence was caused by the big wing going faster than it likes.  Good session regardless.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Evening Session - 6/26/2020

Another solo session at PTs - today the gate was open so I drove through and parked much closer to the break.  The wind had a little more North in it today so it was really nice.  The tide was high at 1.7' - and the swell was picking up.  I had the same setup as yesterday and kept the mast in the same position - after today, I'll mark this position as it is optimized with controllable lift, glide for days and really good carves.

I had a bunch of waves where I would glide on a wall, crank a 180 on a section and repeat going back the other way all the way to the beach.  With the Armstrong, I feel like I can more easily harness the wave's energy - using subtle flowing movements to carve and gain speed - but I don't feel like I am going as fast as I do on the Go Foil GL wings with the P18W tail.  That said, and I've said this before - the Armstrong is just so smooth - and more often than not, I feel like I have the foil riding really close to the surface and I don't feel like I have to manage the ride to avoid breaching - I just go (which is not the same with the Go Foil).

I did try taking off on several bigger ones where the white water dumped on me - wiped on these.  With the swell filling in this weekend, I'll swap over to the wide 4'10" and the GL140.  The wide 4'10" is definitely a more stable platform and I seem to be more sure footed on it, but I'm getting used to the skinny 4'10".  Another great day foiling at PTs!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Evening Session - 6/25/2020

I pulled a solo run this evening.  Earlier I adjusted the mast back in the tracks by a quarter inch - yesterday I felt like there was too much autopilot - I figured taking it back a notch would give me back more control.  I hit PTs - and as I was walking to the break, a girl with a longboard came up to me and said "there was a tiger out there".  I asked how big and she said "It was big - but that was about an hour ago so maybe its moved on."  I kept going and when I got to the berm, I looked and there was only one other person out - it was the SUP foiler that uses the orange Kalama Performance SUP.  I looked and didn't see any dark shapes so I paddled out.

Wind was down, tide was high at 1.8' and the swell was small - maybe waist high.  I had a couple of calibration waves and then it all clicked.  I was catching and riding bumps all the way in to shore.  Using the CF1600 again after riding the Go Foil GL wings for so long felt like learning to foil all over again.  The CF1600 has a ton of lift and on almost every wave I was riding with the majority of the mast up and out of the water.  It is not nearly as fast as the GL wings, but it is way smoother.  After about 7 waves or so, I did not see the SUP foiler - he had gone in.  I can live with 50-50 odds but being the only splashing entity out there, I figured I was better off going in.  The mast adjustment was spot on - a fraction less lift and the board needed just a hint of back foot popping to get it rise up - just the way I like it.

So pretty much the same conditions as yesterday, but none of the crowd.  I'm spoiled by this place - even if I get run out every now and then by the landlord. 

Evening Session - 6/24/2020

Marlon and I hit WPB in the late afternoon - was kinda hoping for a repeat of Tuesday evening - but alas, everyday is different.  The tide was high at 2.0', the wind was light, but the swell had started to decline - waist high was the norm and that was infrequent.

Marlon headed over to the Fenceline side - and he was catching a bunch.  I didn't see him much because I was way over on the right side in front of the cabins.  Even over there the crowd was thick.  But I did manage to get a couple of handful of waves.  After a calibration period (I botched the first three waves - the skinny 4'10" has a ton of buoyancy on its own - with the Armstrong foil bolted on it basically wants to fly away on its own so it is rather twitchy in the water).  I rode most of the rest all the way to the beach and got a few pumps back out.  Not a bad day out - even though the crowd was a bit stiffling.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Marlon's Evening Session - 6/23/2020

After I packed up at PTs, I asked Marlon if he wanted to check out WPB - he said yes.  When we got there, it looked pretty good.  I asked if he wanted to go out and he said yes.

He caught some good ones despite the crowd.

I sat on the beach this time and got to talk with Dennis about foil equipment performance.  Given the two separate breaks this afternoon, it seemed as if WPB had the better conditions - like I said on my previous post - tomorrow WPB may be the call...

Evening Session - 6/23/2020

Changed it up today - 72cm Armstrong Mast, CF1600 front wing, UNI tail with the 60cm fuselage - mounted on the skinny 4'10".

The tide was really high - 2.2'.  The wind was up from the E - 15+ kts - enough to chop up the surface.  It was so choppy at the onset that Marlon actually sat out the session.  The waves were waist high and fairly consistent.

The conditions made it challenging to get up on the board.  This setup has a tremendous amount of volume - left to it own, the board and foil would pop up out of the water.  It made for easier paddling, but it took me a few tries to get the balance points down.

This setup is super lightweight and once up on foil, it was pretty nimble.  I initially had the mast set just forward of where the Go Foil mast was (I had marked it with a pencil).  I came in after two waves and pulled it forward almost 3/4 of an inch - Transformed a bouncy ride with lift I had to work for into a smooth high riding easy glide festival.

If I go out tomorrow, I may hit WPB as Marlon had a good session there (next post).

Sunday, June 21, 2020

In Between Sets

Noe was manning the camera for a bit.  When Marlon and I weren't riding waves, she was taking note of the other beachgoers.

Evening Session - 6/21/2020 (Father's Day)

My family indulged me today - I got to take TWO NAPS!!!  And they took me to the beach!  That's all I really ever want on Father's Day!  We hit PTs - the tide was full (running up the beach) - 2.0'.  The wind was way up when we got there - but then it just dropped off to almost nothing.  And the swell - was forecasted to be bigger than yesterday, was actually just overhead (but to me seemed smaller than yesterday - probably something to do with the bathymetry).  Lots of pictures - I'll just let them do the talking.

Marlon was catching everything - but bailing early to pick up more drops

I knew La was taking pictures - so I launched the board right before coming in (she takes great pride in catching our wipes)!

I had a great day today!  Thank you La, Marlon and Noe!!!