Monday, January 17, 2022

Garage Works - 1/17/2022

After the dentist visit, I had lunch with an old friend - Dan Turner.  It was good seeing him and catching up.  He's going to retire from 29.5 years in the Navy this summer!

I came back and took a long nap, then mowed the lawn, smoked some salmon for dinner and then got some progress on the 4'8" wing board.  I opened up the foot strap inserts, took some more of the excess resin off the top deck, drilled out the holes for the vent and leash plug, epoxied in the vent plug and filled the voids that got exposed while opening the footstrap inserts.

0.7 ounces of aluzine, mixed with 3 tongue depressors worth of aerosil to set the vent in and fill the footstrap insert voids (only a few of them, so no big deal).

As I'm writing this, I'm contemplating setting the leash plug - just to get to the point where I can get the final fill coats on and get to sanding (because I love sanding - not).

2021 Session Count

I went through the blog and counted all the sessions from last year.

Final count: W-121; F-106; S-12

That translates to winging being 50% of the sessions, prone surf foiling taking 44% and surfing only taking 5%

Dawn Patrol - 1/17/2022

Marlon and I hit the dawn patrol on Dr Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday!!!  We can all strive to be better to one another.

I brought out the Skinny 4'10" and the Takuma Kujira 1210 on the 75cm mast.  Marlon brought his trusty longboard.

The surf was much smaller than the past few days - but there was no wind and the tide was on the high side (that's why I opted for the Kujira 1210 - low risk of hitting the bottom).  More people contemplating whether they were going to go out, or sit this one out.

I was able to ride several waves despite the crowd.  I mainly stayed on the inside and picked up the ones that made it through the outside group of longboarders.

I mostly pumped back out - with the 1210 it is almost too easy.

I got winded a few of the runs because of the length of the pump backs and catching the double dip.  I should start jump roping again.

Just as I was going in, Marlon paddled out to grab a wave (I guess he got tired of waiting for me - I had a dentist appointment later in the morning so I couldn't stay too long).

Harris, Noel and Andrew were out.  Andrew is enjoying his new Axis setup.

Count:  W-1; F-6; S-4

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Garage Works - 1/16/2022

After hitting the beach this morning, we got home and Noe was practicing flute for a virtual music practice session.  We waiting for that to end, then all of us headed out to run errands.

When we got back, there was still some sunlight to work in the garage for a bit.

I notice the top part of the rear deck pad on the had some parts separating and lifting.  I went ahead and gorilla glued the deck down. 

Earlier I had grinded out the handle and the track boxes, and sanded off the sharp edges on the rail tape.

Tomorrow I'll place another fill coat on the bottom and on the rail tape, including some epoxy/aerosil slurry around the handle and at the base of one of the boxes.  Not much left to do on this one, but this is where a great board is made.  Stickers/labels placed, fill as described; flip the board and drill out for the vent and leash cup; install the plugs; open up the foot strap inserts; fill coat on top; then sand-sand-sand.

Dawn Patrol - 1/16/2022

And another opportunity to dawn patrol!  Same gear as yesterday.  Marlon was a little sleepy today -

I forgot how well this board catches waves.  With its additional buoyancy, it just moves faster in the water.  I brought one of the GoPros out again today - this time I checked to make sure it was charged because I wanted to get pictures of on foot placement on this board - I'm thinking of placing the stick on footstrap inserts, or even drilling into the board and adding proper ones so I can wing with this board.

Anyways - there were waves coming in from the south today - super fun!!!  No triples today, but the rides were either super long ones or doubles.  Marlon flew the drone at the midpoint of the session and got a couple of my rides.

I was in position earlier in the session to take a sequence of Marlon catching a good ride.

And here are my feet placed on the board

Even if I don't modify this board (because it is so good as a prone board), I'll at least have more data points on where strap inserts should get placed

Count now stands at:  W - 1; F - 5; S - 4

Dawn Patrol - 1/15/2022

Hit the dawn patrol with Marlon yesterday.  The tide has not been terribly low, but with the waves not that big, I have been using the 27.5" Go Foil mast - this day was no different.  I have been on a path where I have been using the last generation gear to learn more from it, and also to get it through the front foil rotation.  The funny thing is that the more I use it, the better I am getting - the first wave was a 3 for 1, and I had double dips for the next several waves (until the surf backed down).

Marlon mixed in with the crowd at Middles - but I knew when he had gone in because he took this picture.  By this time the waves had backed down and it was the proverbial "last wave so I don't have to paddle in" and that took a while to materialize.

The count now stands at:

W - 1; F - 4; S - 4

Friday, January 14, 2022

Evening Session -1/14/2022

After work session!  Fun sized waves coming in on the westerly wrap.  I brought out the skinny 4'10" because I wanted to get a clear idea of where my feet are landing - with that info I can add the stick on footstrap inserts and try winging with this board.

I brought the GL140 and GL180 to use on the 27.5" Go Foil mast - perfect low tide combo.  I ended up using the GL180 - was the right call - my first wave was a 3 for 1.  The rides were really fun today.  I forgot how much fun it is to ride this board.  It catches waves super easy and really doesn't weigh much.

Marlon brought his longboard, but I didn't see him riding any.  He disappears pretty quickly on that board.

The new count:

W - 1; F - 3; S - 4

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Garage Works - 1/12/2022

Rainy afternoon that had zero wind (and probably no surf) - perfect conditions for more glassing.  I sanded the edges from the bottom deck lamination, cut the carbon tape and did some resin quantity calculations.

I got the rail tape on starting with a quick coat along the rail so the rail tape would stick.  Then I started from one end, got it stuck on to the board using a brush, then went back over it to saturate the tape.  Then I added the thinner tape (cut to fit) to the nose area.  Finally I went ahead and put the top deck fill coat on.

I'll check on it in the morning before I go to work - but as I was putting it away, everything was nice and tight, there were no bugs, and I think I was able to get all the errant brush hairs off the deck.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Wing Foiling Session - 1/11/2022

As you can tell from the blog entries, the wind has been down for quite some time.  There was a blip in the wind forecast - today called for winds in the ridable range, amidst days on end with barely even a breeze.  I did not want to get skunked so I brought out the big foils - Maliko 200, GL210 and in case it was good, the PNL185.

Driving up, it looked light.  Setting up, it still looked light, but the forecast called for the winds to consolidate and strengthen a little towards the end of the day.  I was headed to the water at 3pm.

I started out with the GL210.  I had mounted the new camera mount, so I did not pump the OR A 5.0 that aggressively, so I had some down periods when I think I should have been up.  The battery died quick, so this session with the camera was mainly testing the mount.  The wind had a lot of north in it, so those blue streaks below were schlogging.

Lots of jibes - the GL210 is super easy to transition.  After a little bit, I wanted to ditch the camera so I could pump, but with the wind as holey as it was, getting back to the beach was challenging.

I did make it back, and I took the camera back to the truck and grabbed the M200.

I should have also checked the pressure in the wing - I noticed a little flex in the leading edge.  When I got back to the truck at the end of the session, I checked the pressure - 4 psi in the leading edge... I'm going to have to figure out what is going on.  I think I am not tightening down the valve enough (and am hoping it is not a leaking bladder).

The M200 was really fun to use (and I'm sure would have been better if I had the LE pressurized properly).  It had a decent speed considering how big and thick it is.  Definitely a session saver (maybe even with a OR A 6.0).

I'm glad I got some winging in - the forecast for at least the next week is really dismal for wind.

I'm going to keep track of what sessions I run this year.  Winging (W) - 1; Foiling (F) - 2; Surfing (S) - 4.  When I have a chance, I'll count the sessions from last year and see where I ended up.

Garage Works - 4'8" Wing Foiling Board

Spent some time working on the new wing foiling board the past couple of days.  On Sunday I got the top deck on.  Single nose to tail sheet of innegra (2 ounce) plus patches under the heels over the divynicell.  I used peel ply on this.

Also tried to use pigment, but both colors came out lighter than I was planning.  I might try using a fill coat using tint...

And on Monday evening, I went ahead and laminated the bottom.  Nose to tail 4.8 ounce carbon sheet and a nose to tail layer of 4 ounce fiberglass.  I wanted the extra layer as I'm planning on using this board to jump.

Came out pretty good.

Next time I work on this, I'll sand off some of the burrs and make sure there are no void at the footstrap inserts, add the top deck label, add the top deck fill coat (with tint to darken the colors), then laminate the rail tape to clean up the interface, fill the joints, then open up the boxes on the bottom deck, fill any voids, place labels, add the fill coat, then begin sanding.

Dawn Patrol - 1/9/2022

Sunday dawn patrol - decent waves!!!

I brought the Viking out.  The usual foilers were all asking "are you ok?  No foil today?", and I replied "the waves are good today because I'm taking one for the team".  The waves were good for the first part of the session - then it slowly tapered off.

Marlon was catching a bunch on hos longboard.  There is something to be said about having a board you use all the time - you will never miss out.

The waves looked like they were mostly from the south, not a west wrap.  Not sure if this was the case or not - don't look gift horses in the mouth...

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Garage Works - 1/8/2022

After a bit of eating, relaxing, and resting - I did finally get into the garage to work on the boards.  I got the boxes set into No.23.  Later in the evening I also got the innegra trimmed up for the top deck lamination (I'll do that tomorrow).  I also got the peelply cut out to support fiberglass free lamination of the innegra - I'm going to try and keep this one relatively light so I can jump it.  The laminate is nose to tail innegra with the same innegra patches under where my heels will be.  2 ounce innegra.

Then I sanded the repair/fill areas on No.20.  I found more air bubbles and did one last fill - you can chase ghosts forever - or you can call it good and get the board wet.  I'm calling it done. 

I'll update this post shortly with pictures of the finished repair on this board.

Here's the update -

Aborted Dawn Patrol - 1/8/2022

Tried to dawn patrol today, but the wave energy had dwindled to the point that there was only one real takeoff point.  When it gets like this, surfing can get pretty frustrating.

I did stick around and talked story for a bit waiting for the sunrise.  Molokai was sticking out really prominently.

I opted out this morning (only because I brought the foil - if I had brought the Viking....).

Evening Session - 1/7/2022

After work session yesterday.  Marlon and I both brought out the longboards.  Waves were on the small side, and the tide was low (so no foiling for me).

Marlon came in pretty quick and started taking pictures with the Mini 2.  After a bit, I swapped with him.

Because the high tide is predominantly in the mornings during the winter, I've been surfing more than I've been foiling... hmmm.... how did that happen????  J/K - I love surfing (nearly) as much as I love foiling.

Noe's Jam - 29er

Noe practicing hard on a double handed boat - the 29'er.

This whole weekend she'll be sailing the 29'er.  Go Noe!!!!