Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Evolution -

I loved my Ducati Scrambler Classic.  But I sold it.

There are two reasons I sold my motorcycle.

The first reason is I have vertigo attacks - mostly due to stress, but the hits are unpredictable.  I haven't had one in a while - but to be on the safe side and to make my wife happy, I sold it.

This is the other reason -

This is the second generation Foil Drive - and this is the strongest iteration of this series, the Max.

I have had incredible fun on the Foil Drive Assist Plus - but this is going to be next level...

I'm going to miss my motorcycle - BUT I'M GOING RIDE THIS HECK OUT OF THIS THING!!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Wing Foiling Session - 2/27/2024

Winds and waves were a notch down from yesterday - but still really fun!

Same gear as yesterday, just switching out the 3.6 for the 4.2.

Kalani and Norm were out also - 

Marlon came with today and flew his new drone.

I am really liking the Evolution Cedrus Wind Mast with the F One foils -

Super good session!

There are a lot of turtles hanging out in the waves... maybe it is mating season - not sure why there are so many.

The 4.2 was spot on today.  Perfect power for the conditions.

There were a couple of times where I came off foil, and a couple more where I crashed (breached foil).

But still lots of blue on the speed graph.  Any day I get a foil over 20mph is a great day!

Nick Yamodis arrives on island tomorrow - going to hit Hickam after work.  Winds will be slightly less than today.

I may also be able to grab the Foil Drive Max I ordered... Jeff said they arrived on island!!!!


Monday, February 26, 2024

Wing Foiling Session - 2/26/2024

Ridiculous conditions today!!!!

Rising tide (but I still hit bottom while launching), good sized swell on the outside, and really strong and consistent wind from the ENE - couldn't ask for better!

I figured with the SK8 950 I could use a slightly smaller wing.  I pumped up the Reedin SW2 3.6 - the wind on the outside was actually just a hair stronger, but I didn't feel grossly overpowered.  For most of the session, the 3.6 was actually perfect.  No.32 was well behaved today - recovered from a couple of tiny vents, bounced from a couple of touchdowns during big waves, and really balanced rides.

I had to borrow Noe's watch because I forgot mine at work.  Her battery died about halfway through my session.

Today was all about riding tall walls and carving - this gear helped me push my boundaries!  Steep waves made for big top to bottom carves and luffing abound - nothing short of EPIC!!!

Weird how Noe's watch thought I was going slow...


Almost solid blue!!!  My trunks were pretty dry for most of the session.  I did trip on the foil maybe twice - but with the wind it was easy to get back up.

It was Norm and I out for almost an hour.  Then Roland and Prayot showed up.  The Clinton and Derek made their way out.

The forecast is calling for even stronger conditions going 10 days out!!!  This is going to be an incredible run of wind and waves!!!


Sunday, February 25, 2024

Wing Foiling Session - 2/25/2024

Clearer skies today - stronger winds!!!

Went to Hickam to do some foil adjusting - I did get the F One adapter for the Evolution Wind mast so I wanted to get the mast positions dialed in.

I started out with the SK8 950/C200

The wind when I was setting up was stronger, but the wind line was further out - I figured I'd pump up the SW2 5.2

The lower entry was the first run.

You can see the wind pretty much just kept getting stronger.

I had No.32 in the truck bed, so I took some measurements from it and started with that mast placement.  It was spot on and I didn't move it.  Three fingers up from the 1090 mark.

After getting some tacks and jibes in, I headed out to Firsts.

There were some nice sets that came through - good fun sized waves.

No.34 works in the surf just as well as any of the other boards I've made.

The SK8s geometry is made for pocket surfing and as such, does not go as fast as the Eagle.

I headed in to switch out foils and wings - the wind had picked up considerably and I wanted to shed some power.

SW2 4.7, the Eagle 890, and one of the smaller stabilizers I had made 13.25"

The Eagle was faster on a smaller wing - definitely faster.

I also gave Bill his mast back and got to discuss the merits of the Foil Drive Max.

Great sessions today!!!


Saturday, February 24, 2024

Garage Works - 2/24/2024

I have a few projects starting to pile up.

I split the 4x8 sheet of EPS foam into two blanks.  The one in the back is for Matt's 6'6" hybrid wing/prone/dw board.

I also set Ken's wing/SUP board up on its nose to get it to drain faster.  Lots of water was coming out.  I probably have a couple more days of drying before I can close this one up.

And Bill dropped off his new 80cm Project Cedrus Aluminum mast - he asked me to seal it.

Here is the group of cut up pool noodles inserted into the sections of the mast that may flood when the mast is used unsealed.

And here is the plastic bonding adhesive applied to the mast openings.  This one turned out nice!

I took a look at Harris's board - there wasn't enough sunshine to get the board to weep so that repair has to wait.

The really strong and consistent winds are forecasted to start tomorrow!!!

Wing Foiling Session - 2/24/2024

Dawn patrol at Kailua!  Conditions were fantastic!

I setup the same gear as yesterday - primarily to get the sand off of it, but also because the wind was up and down and there would be benefit to having the 5.2 up instead of the 4.7 (or in some gusts even the 4.2)

Nice stats!

And there were some really good waves too.  I stayed out just shy of 2 hours, but staying upright in the strong winds and even stronger gusts and side chop took effort.  With the strong wind forecast across the next 10 days (at least), I didn't want to risk injury. 

The peak speeds were had coming down the faces of some of the bomber coming through.

As I was leaving, the winds got even stronger!

I got to talk with Rex on board building trends.  He said he's primarily on the Eagle 790.

I saw several SK8s setup also.  I got my Evolution Cedrus F One adapter in the mail today - tomorrow I think I'll mix it up with one of the F One foils (I have been on an Axis trip recently).

I needed the successes of today to shake off the ending of yesterday's walk of shame...


Friday, February 23, 2024

Wing Foiling Session - 2/23/2024

Got to WPB at 3:30. Norm was there, but had popped his wing yesterday - so he was going to prone foil along with his son.  Kalani was there already and just setting up.  

The wind looked good - but the windline was pretty far out.

I setup No.32, the SW2 5.2, the ART999/400P on the Evolution Wind mast.

After paddling out to the wind line, foiling was awesome!!!  There were head high waves breaking on the outside.  Lots of luffing and long rides going right.

The wind was coming in from the ENE at good speed.

Until it stopped.  I kept looking for a gust to get me back up so I could get back to the launch.  That gust never came.  There was a long line of rain clouds and it killed the wind.

Unfortunately I was way outside when the wind died.  The current was actually taking me west.  After drifting past the Cabins, I figured I could make landfall at Campgrounds.  After a hellacious paddle, I finally made it back to land.

It was too dark to walk over the rock ledges along the beack, so I deflated the wing, rolled it up, draped it over my shoulder and put the foil/board over my other shoulder and started walking to the road.  I got halfway back and Kalani met me in his SUV. 

No doubt the wind died off.

I usually can tell when the wind is going to drop off in the afternoon - I got tricked into staying out longer today.  It was definitely a great session on the front side.  And on the back side it was definitely a kick in the nuts.  Days like this are inevitable - and when you get back in one piece with no damaged gear, you get stronger from the experience.


Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Garage Works - 2/20/2024

I skipped out on water time today - Roland came over to work on my AC.  Waiting for him, I went ahead and finished the ding repairs on Harris's wingboard.

This is where he put his harness hook through the rail of his board.

This is the spot that was leaking water.

This is the area that he wanted smoothed out and sealed - I sanded the bottom half down and laminated a layer of fiberglass across it.

I sealed up these two footstrap insert holes as they seemed to be releasing water when the board was in the sun.

And I sanded down the ding repair on Prayot's board.  There were a few pinholes/airbubbles after I sanded it down - so I mixed up some more epoxy and filled in all the holes.

Tomorrow I'll sand it down and it should be done.

Just in time to pick up another ding repair job (Red Jeep Ken has two cracks on his wing board).

Monday, February 19, 2024

Wing Foiling Session - 2/19/2024

I hit Hickam again today - I didn't want to deal with the low tide shenanigans that would have come with winging WPB.

I also wanted to give Jim a chance to try out the boards I use (as he is asking for a custom).

The wind forecasts were divergent - iwindsurf called a drop in wind speed while surfline was saying it would stay up.  When I got there, a whole crew was just coming in and they were saying it was dropping fast.  I figured that was the que to pump up the North Mode Pro 5.5

Board and foil was the same as yesterday - I wanted to see if the board would make a difference in the lighter wind.

And now I can say definitively that I can get up faster in lighter winds with this board.  The wind was up and down - but as gusts would come through, I would point downwind and after pumping both the wing and the foil, I'd be up within 5 board lengths.

At the beginning of my session, the wind was really light.  I was questioning my judgement in even paddling out.  But the wind did fill in, and there were numerous up and down cycles - perfect for testing the light wind capabilities of No.34

Arvin made a break for Firsts so I followed (and so did Bill eventually).  The waves were small, but fun.  I think I caught 2 breakers and the rest rolled on through.

Not sure what happened to the airport anemometer - but that was pretty much when I was out.

I really like the North wing - it has enough low end to get you going and it doesn't blink when the wind picks up.  Time will tell if the canopy material retains its current tension, or start to stretch (like the heavily used Reedins I have)

And after I came in, I ended up committing to Matt to make another No.34 and to Jim for either a No.25 or a No.34 (he still needs to ride No.34 to see if that is what he wants).

Looks like I'll be busy for a bit.