Monday, June 21, 2021

Evening Session - 6/21/2021

Marlon and I hit WPB for an evening session.  I brought out the 4'8" with the same setup as yesterday (CF1200/Chopped 300).  Here I am double checking to see if the foil is in the right position.

The water had a little chop in it, but it wasn't bad enough to throw me off.  The waves were smaller than yesterday and the tide was dropping (so the lips weren't pitching today).  My first ride I taco'ed (and was lucky I didn't hit).  On my second wave I fell again and grazed my hip.  The sweet spot on this 4'8" is much smaller than on the wide 4'10" - so I'll attribute the falls to getting used to everything.  I did notice on my long rides, the board had a nose down orientation.  Going to have to shim the chopped 300 rear stabilizer to get the nose to level out.  My next several waves were much longer and I was able to maneuver between open face, dropping sections and incoming white water to crank some hard turns on.

I only saw Marlon on one wave today - nothing like yesterday - but I take what I'm given with joy and thankfulness.  

I did remember to look at my feet to note their positioning.  I'll wait one more session before placing the traction pad for the rear foot.

Fun day!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

And Starting Number 22

I wanted to make some room in the garage - so I went ahead and templated the next board (Kalani's Wing Board).  The template is a slightly shorter version of a 5'2" Quatro Wing Drifter.

And while I was at it, I went ahead and cut out the template.  I'll post pictures later of the trimmed blank.

The Anointing of Number 21 - the 4'8" Prone Foil Board

Dawn Patrol third day in a row.  After much debate, Marlon brought his longboard and I brought the new 4'8".

The swell was pretty the same as yesterday.  I had left the HS1250 on from yesterday's foil modification, but after looking at the surf I opted to put the CF1200 on.  I used the finger-balance method to get the mast position close.  I took the screw driver to the beach in case I needed to make adjustments.

I saw Marlon takeoff on a good wave - he stalled at the top and buried his nose.  I thought he was going to eat it for sure, but he got the nose up and started dropping.  Then he did it again - buried the nose and recovered.  

This board is pretty light - but has enough weight that I can still catch waves.  I rode three - taking the last one in to the beach.  I could feel I was pushing more with my back foot so I adjusted the mast forward a 1/4" and it was perfect.  I caught three more - and these confirmed the mast position.

A few of the waves were long - and I got some really fun turns in.

This was where the mast ended up.  Doesn't leave much room for the HA1125 - but we'll see.  This session got rid of the skunk for me - Kalani and Tim both said they still had the single wave session skunk on them.  I didn't catch any bombs today, but from the results this is definitely going to be a great board!

Number 21 has been properly anointed!!! 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Converting Front Foils

The other thing I got off my to do list was converting the Armstrong front foils to accept the A+ barrel nut.  I set up an assembly line and knocked them all out.

Watch the video Armie put out - pretty straight forward.  The only thing to watch out for is some of the wings will splinter on the exit side of the bit.  That is no big deal - just means you will have to use the file a little more than if it didn't happen.

Since I had these laid out, I figured I should take a picture.  These are the surfing foils - CF800, CF1200, HS1550 and the HS1432CS

And these are the winging foils - HA1125, HS1250, HS1520CS, and the HS1850.

Tomorrow I'll throw a coat of wax on the two chopped wings (I noticed drag on the HS1520CS last time I had it out).  I'll surf the 72cm mast tomorrow - hopefully that will break this negative trend.

4'8" Prone Foil Board All Done

I finished the 4'8" prone foil board today.  56.5" (4'8" and a half) x 20 5/8" x 4 1/4".  I'm guessing here, but I'd say 40 liters of volume.  Nice flat rocker for paddling speed.  

Sanded - top deck logo fixed - sprayed - leash cord placed - drilled out the vent hole - installed the vent - waxed the board - and even bolted on the foil

Probably the best finished board to date.  Welcome to the hanger Number #21!

Dawn Patrol - 6/19/2021

Dawn patrol again.  I brought the same setup as yesterday (and got nearly the same result).  I even had the GL140 in the truck... I've got no one else to blame.  So for sure the NL160 is not the foil to use when it gets overhead.

Marlon brought the midlength - I didn't see him out, but he said he got some good ones.

I'm torn between bringing out a surfboard tomorrow, or the new 4'8" foil board with the smaller Armstrong front foils...  

All I know is I have to buck this trend.

Progress on the 4'8" and the Ding Repair Job

After getting frustrated at the beach, I came home and sanded the 4'8"

I actually got it done, but I found some pin holes, so I put another layer of epoxy on.

This is the board rinsed off - looks pretty sweet!

This one is lighter than the wide 4'10" by a long shot, but it seems a tad heavier than the skinny 4'10".  This is certainly an evolution - innegra top, carbon bottom and pulled in tail.  Going to be exciting to see how this rides!!!  

I'll post pictures shortly, but since this post is late - I actually finished the sanding, got the spray coat on and then outfitted the board (waxed, drilled out the vent hole and installed the vent, leash cord).  Going to see where my rear foot lands - then clean off the wax and put the rear traction pad on.

Dawn Patrol - 6/18/2021

Marlon and I hit the dawn patrol yesterday.  Our dragon fruit cactus was in bloom.  The surf was big, but it was really choppy.

Marlon brought the Sub Moon.

I brought the wide 4'10" with the NL160.

It didn't matter - I got taken to the cleaners.  The foil hit me on my right calf, my head and my right foot.  It was pretty frustrating.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Wing Foiling Session - 6/17/2021

Hit Hickam after work.  The wind at the launch was light - if the runway wind sock weren't out there parallel to the horizon, one would have packed up and gone home.  Ken came in when the big group was setting up - he said an hour before (so 2:30pm) it was really strong, but was coming down fast.

I set up the same gear as Tuesday - Ensis 6.0, HS1850/Chopped 300/95cm mast/60cm fuselage, Narrow Wing Foiling Board.

Harris made a beeline for Firsts, so I followed.  Mark and his friend were out there already.  Firsts was breaking nicely and I got some good rides.  After a bit, I saw Prayot and Roland making their way out to through the channel to get in on the wave action.  Roland was holding his line, but Prayot started to drift downwind.  I went over to check on him a few times (you can see my tracks over at Seconds).  It didn't help that the wind seemed to have a bunch of holes in it.  Prayot had to paddle in from outside Seconds... that is a really long paddle.  Roland and I had made it in despite a long lull.

Was out from around 3:30 to around 5:30.  Wind was definitely declining.

I got in 11.85 nm and hit a top speed of 14.6 kt - most likely on the good wave rides.

If the wind were steadier, I could have used the HS1250 and logged some higher speeds - just waiting for the right day (but it is hard to give up the insurance policy that is the HS1850).

Knocking Out the Projects

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to pass on playing in the water and instead worked on getting some projects completed.  I didn't take a picture, but first I worked on sanding down a ding repair for Marlon.  Next I sanded down the 4'8".

Then I opened the ding on Fabien's shortboard.  It looks like this blank is an Arctic Foam - I may just layer in 2 ounce cloth in lifts in order to fix this.  That way there won't be any discoloration.

After I cooked dinner, I also drilled out the holes for the leash plug and the vent plug on the 4'8" and got both plugs set in with epoxy.

I need to clear these projects so I can work on Nick's split kitefoiling board, Kalani's Wing Board and Noe's Wing Board.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Wing Foiling Session - 6/15/2021

I was near home doing a site visit at one of our locations over this way - so I decided to launch at WPB.  The waves the surfers were riding were chest high on the sets.  The tide was filling in so I wasn't hesitant to bolt together the Armstrong (same setup as Sunday - 95cm mast, HS1850 front foil, Chopped 300 rear stabilizer with a +1 shim on a 60cm fuselage).  The wind was marginal - but just decided to go out anyways.  Roland and Prayot also went out.  Had to paddle out a ways to get to the wind line, but launched from Fenceline so the waves weren't breaking as bad as the other side.

We were out from 4:30 to 6pm.  You can see the wind was on the lighter side, but I've always suspected the anemometer connected to this site is reading way further inland.  There was decent wind on the outside.

This is the second time I've had this setup bolted on - the 95cm mast totally makes a difference in riding in choppy bumpy conditions.  I am always trying to make sure I don't breach the tail - and before even with the 85cm mast, I would have popped the tail in conditions like today.  This mast allowed the foils to stay submerged even when I was taking huge drops on the far outside waves.  

The HS1850 was perfect for getting up quick - and for staying on foil during the transitions.  But when up and riding, I was having a hard time keeping up with the waves and in managing the extra speed when dropping in from the top of the bigger waves.  I jibed into a couple and got to lull the wing while riding regular footed.  As the waves backed down (transiting over deeper channels) I had to quickly pulling in the wing and get going under wing power again.  My max speed was 16.2 kt (18.6 mph).  You can see from the blue-black distribution that I had some really long runs and several transitions while staying up on foil.

Using wind power to move around, you kinda forget to look how far out you are.  I would make the long runs to make sure I was gaining ground.  I was far enough upwind that I felt I could give up ground riding waves wherever they took me on the way in. 

Riding at WPB is definitely more "wild"  - a lot more to think about and manage compared to Hickam.  This is likely to be the last time I wing for several days - the wind is forecasted to go pretty light (which is great for prone foiling).  Hopefully when the trades fill back in, they will be strong enough to bolt on the HS1250 on this setup - with that front foil I should be able to move faster and still get up on foil fairly quickly.

As a note, Prayot came in down wind at a place where the shore break was stronger - he ended up wrapping his wing around a chunk of reef and one of the bladders popped.  Roland was riding. but wasn't gaining ground (he won't ride weak side/heel side headed back in).

I had a great time and didn't wash in at Campgrounds!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Late Post - Garage Works and Prone Foiling Session

I forgot to post yesterday's stuff.  I got the logos and fill coat on to the 4'8" prone foil board yesterday.

I only had one innegra spot to deal with - so this board has been glassing pretty well so far.  This evening I got the top fill coat on - didn't take pictures.

Yesterday I also spliced on the offcut foam onto the skinny foilboard blank.  Used Gorilla Glue and straps so I've got more meat to work with (for Kalani's board).  Today I measured out the centerline of the board (no stringer on this blank), and placed some length markers.  I'll cut out the 5'2" Quatro Wing Drifter Template and mark out both that board and a 4'10" to 5'0" Jimmy Lewis Flying V.

Yesterday I also put the mast extension on the 29.5" Go Foil mast.  Next time I feel like mixing it up, this will be the go to.

Yesterday I also got in a prone foil session at WPB.  The tide was pretty high so I rode without too much concern.  I brought out the NL160.  I paddled over to Cabins and Two Cots and got some pretty long rides.  I also pumped back out multiple times and got a few 2 for 1s.  My top speed was 18.7 mph.

Here on Oahu, there are a lot of people that knock Go Foil.  I'm not one of them - I love the way these foils work.  My only complaint is access to the latest wings seem to be an exclusive with sponsored riders - they'll post on IG and then it'll be months before the rest of us can get the foils.

Wing Foiling Session - 6/13/2021

By the time we got the winging equipment set up, the wind seemed to have come down a bit.  But the wind sock at the runway was still straight out and the flag at Hickam Harbor was flapping, so we went out anyways.

We were out from 10:30 to 12:30 - you can see this was mostly a light wind session. 

I made another change and rigged up the 95cm mast - I had a blast with the extra height (makes me think I should get the 100cm).

I noticed I had the footstraps set too far forward for today's setup.  The footstraps were setup for the Go Foil GL210 on the 29.5" + 3" adaptor that I had out last time.  I'll have to document the positions for the different foils.  Probably has to do with the shifting center of lift - I think the Go Foil COL is further forward, so the straps need to be further up as well - and the opposite is true for the Armstrong.

I got up to 13.2 kts - considering it was light this was pretty good.  I also was staying up on foil during most of the transitions.  Towards the front half of the session, I went from a heelside outbound run, into a toeside jibe and shortly after tacked back onto heelside.  I did that twice - and although it wasn't pretty, I did get a new transition under my belt.  This tack was easier than a pure heelside (weak side) to heelside tack on the inbound runs.  Going to have to put some effort into dialing this in.

Super fun light wind session!

Prone Foiling - 6/13/2021

After foil training, we dropped Noe off so she could head over to her third day of J80 racing.  We also swapped out gear and headed over to Seconds to score wave rides.  Prayot had his Lift HA120 out and was taking off on the bigger set waves.

Marlon had his longboard and was out.  He caught whatever he wanted, but paddled over to the boat when the wind started picking up.  

I had the Armstrong HS1850 bolted on and I was playing with the mast positioning - this was the first time I have the HS1850 on the skinny 4'10".  I rode three really long waves and went back to the boat to push the mast forward a hair.

Got better balance between the feet so done deal.  Most of my rides were 300' long - caught the wave in the middle and rode it out to the last channel marker.

The wind was started to really come up so we headed in to swap out gear one more time.