Sunday, October 2, 2022

Garage Works - 10/2/2022

Between running errands throughout the day, I did get some work done in the garage.  First up is fitting the ventilation fence on the Project Cedrus mast.  This is supposed to stop/prevent/slow down the venting that happens when pulling hard upwind.

It's probably time to break down the 85 cm mast anyways - so sometime this week I'll stick the fence on.  Too bad the wind forecast is pretty pathetic - I'll have to wait to test this out.

And I also got a chance to work on No.27

First I sanded the rail tape application from yesterday.  I grinded the mast track boxes open.  After that I closed the gap left over from yesterday with 1" rail tape (pretty much just the nose) and placed some epoxy down where the logos are going to go.

Then I put the logos down and then put a fill coat on the bottom deck.

It's 9pm as I'm writing this and I'm debating about going back out and putting another fill coat on the bottom (to get everything level tonight instead of having to sand and then fill again).

I didn't touch No.26 - I figured I'd just let the epoxy cure more on that one before beginning the inevitable - sanding, sanding, sanding.

I also put some epoxy on some tiny pinholes I saw on No.20 - I want to get that one finished up so I can put it up on the market (as I'm not really using it anymore).

Dawn Patrol - 10/2/2022

Marlon and I dawn patrolled again.  The waves were slightly bigger, the tide slightly higher, and the wind was non-existent.

Marlon brought his Hawaiian South Shore tri of fins.  And he was sitting at the top of the pack trying to pick off the bombs.

I bolted on the 1099 and used the 400P rear stabilizer.  It took me a few waves to get my foil feel back.  Towards the end of the session, I saw Scott out doing 5x repeats.  That inspired me to do better and I got a few 4x rides.  I think I need to use the crazy short fuselage with the 1099 if I want to use the 400P - I was wrestling with the pitch a little bit (so much so at the beginning that I was woven pretty good around the lower set of the foil...)

I think the 375P on the Ultrashort will be the call next time for the extra glide.

Duke, Roland, Eddy and Koa all came out just as I was done packing up.  


Saturday, October 1, 2022

Garage Works - 10/1/2022

And I did spend a lot of time in the garage today.  I spent a lot of time sanding No.26 and getting another fill coat on the top and bottom decks.  The stickers have been epoxied in place, and I also got the track boxes ground open.

Tomorrow I'll sand it and get the plugs installed.

I also got the rail tape on No.27 

I'll sand the rail tape tomorrow, then I'll color the deck a little before adding a fill coat.  I should be able to get the first top and bottom fill coats on tomorrow. 

Without rushing, I think I should be able to ride these boards next weekend.

Dawn Patrol - 10/1/2022

Dawn patrolled this morning.  Waves were small but ridable - until the long lull, and the crowd descended.  The Viking was the board of choice again - and it did an excellent job of cutting through the crowd, and getting into waves super early.

Marlon used his longboard, after fixing his dings.  He used the Halo sidebites and the hatchet center fin  and got great results.

Tomorrow I think I'll jump back on the foil.


Friday, September 30, 2022

Evening Session - 9/30/2022

I learned my lesson from yesterday - and brought the Viking out.  Perfect conditions for this board!

I caught plenty of long, fun rides!

Marlon brought out his fixed longboard, and tried out the halo side bites and the Turbo Tunnel fins.  He said the fin was too locked in - I told him that it was designed to be locked in for noseriding.

He had stayed out for a few waves, then went in to grab his camera gear.

Roland went out on his foil.  He caught several threepetes (but he also doesn't care if he hits bottom).

The forecast for tomorrow calls for weak winds (but maybe the thermals will kick in???), as well as the same small surf (with a large high tide...) - maybe I'll just dawn patrol for a bit for exercise, then come home and work on the boards...


Garage Works - 9/30/2022

When I got home from work today, I went ahead and put the bottom deck fill coat on the blunt nosed prone board (I think this is No.26).

And after I got back from the evening session, I got the top fill coat on the board.  Tomorrow I'll grind open the track boxes and address those.  I'll also drill out the holes for the vent and leash plugs.  This one should be ready to surf (as soon as we get some surf).

I'll also get the rail band on No.27.  Actually, I'll probably do that first so I can get the fill coats on this board tomorrow also.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Evening Session - 9/29/2022

I was debating about going today or not.  Then when I figured it would be nice to get wet, I debated about bringing the longboard or the foil.  From the picture below, you can see the call that I made.

I was wrong.

I should have brought the Viking in all its glory - and I would have caught all the waves.

I did catch a few - and one was full of carves, banks and even a trip back out.  But the tide wasn't as full as I thought it would be, the waves were small and the wind was strong enough to put some texture on the surface.  Not ideal foiling conditions - but I made the most out of it.

The wind is going to be minimal for the next several days.  I'm either going to finish the two prone foil boards I have on the rack, or I'll be exercising the Viking.


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Wing Foiling Session - 9/27/2022

The wind was blowing throughout the day - I had hopes of getting in a fully powered on the 5.2 SWX.  Then as I was driving home, I noticed the wind dropping, and dropping fast.  There were signs that the coastal zone still had wind (palm trees along Kamakana Dr were blowing) - so I figured I had nothing to lose.  I packed up and Marlon came along to drone and then swim out to use his camera in the water housing.

I set up the gear I've been using lately - RS6.1/1210/178/85 PC Mast/the big wing foiling board

I had to schlog out to the wind line on the outside to get enough wind to get up on foil.  That was pretty much the whole session in a nutshell - schlog to the wind line, get up on foil when the gust came through and then ride as long as there was wind or I fell.  Then do it again.  I think I was up on foil a little more than half of the session.

With the wind light, I rode goofy to pull upwind whenever I could.  At one point I was on the outside and lined up with the cedar cabins (not good - worst case is it is a long swim in, landing on sharp rocks and then a long walk through deep sand) - I knew there would be more gusts, and so there were - enough for me to get back upwind and make a landing at Fenceline.

I did get some good rides in, but not having the wind full time made for a less playful session.


Monday, September 26, 2022

Garage Works - 9/26/2022

Marlon and I skipped the afternoon session (although it did look wingable...) - and we got work done on the boards.

Marlon sanded down the ding repairs, but they still needed some work.  Filled the holes with epoxy and milled fibers.  We'll sand tomorrow and see if we need to put a thin fiberglass layer on (I think yes right now).

I had gotten the rail tape on No.26 (kinda a PITA - I guided off the bottom rail when trimming the rail tape and it left the top all over the place.  I think I'll do the opposite on No.27 to see if there is a difference.

After that (and cooking and mowing the lawn), I prepped the bottom deck laminate for No.27 and got the boxes in and the deck laminated.  I did forget to cut the box slots before using epoxy on the track boxes... I made an approximately located cut (so I wouldn't muck up my scissors) and kept going.

Not bad - we'll see how the fit is around the boxes when I grind them open.

Tomorrow I'll sand around the rail tape I added to No.26, smooth out the bottom area where the logo will be placed, stick on the logo and place a fill coat on.

On No.27, I want to sand the laps and get the rail tape on.  It has actually been pretty efficient glassing two boards simultaneously - I usually have to walk away once the epoxy is set in place.  For these two I've just start to work on the second board while the epoxy cures on the first board.  Constant production!

At this rate, I may be able to surf these this weekend... that's if I don't get distracted...

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Garage Works - 9/25/2022

I got some work done in the garage today.  I didn't get a picture of it, but I got the carbon sheet cut out, the mast track boxes epoxied in, carbon patches placed and the carbon bottom sheet laminated.  This was mid morning.  By the afternoon, the epoxy was nice and cured, so I sanded the burrs off and got that board ready for the carbon rail tape.

With that work done, I shifted to the other board.  This one I wanted to glass like the other recent boards.  I cut out the innegra deck sheet, placed patches in the high load areas, then placed some of the innegra/carbon I used on the top deck of the other board as heel patches.  Then I cut the lap reliefs, mixed epoxy, added the pale blue tint.

The innegra up by the nose wasn't sitting down, so I went ahead and added a layer of peel ply and got the kids to help me get it tacked down.

Also in this picture, you can see No.26 perched up across the other boards.

I guess if I had set it up prior to laminating, I could have stuffed this into a vacuum bag.  

Tonight, I'll check on how much rail tape I have (I'll need enough for these two boards and Prayot's wing board).

Tomorrow, I'll get the peel ply off, setup the bottom deck laminate, epoxy in the track boxes, and laminate the bottom deck.  

If I have enough time, I may try and get the rail tape on No.26

Dawn Patrol - 9/25/2022

Dawn patrol again this morning.  Got to the beach even earlier than normal - needed to bring the Greedy Beaver to the beach so I could sell it to Tim (even though he just got that Pyzel Ghost).  After the session, he said he loved the board (phew).

Marlon surfed for a bit, then went in to swim out and use his new water housing/camera.

I paddled the Seaside and Beyond - and was astounded yet again!!!  I was catching waves on the outside and gouging top to bottom turns.

After the sun started getting higher in the sky, I rode a few waves in and started surfing the inside.  The waves were smaller on the inside, but the Seaside and Beyond worked just as well.  The range on this board is really good.

So as much as I didn't want to sell the Greedy Beaver and the Sunday (and I'm still trying to sell the Toots Asymmetric) - those three boards had too much overlap among themselves, and none were as easy to ride as the Seaside and Beyond.

This has been a really great run of surf, and a great introduction to what is lining up to be an incredible surfboard!


Saturday, September 24, 2022

Garage Works - 9/24/2022

Got some work done in the garage once the afternoon heat let off.  First up was Marlon's longboard - he had some spots that needed to be touched up.

Best way to learn is to do.  Or maybe that is to watch Youtube...

Anyways - we got the fiberglass patches on and the epoxy is curing.  He'll sand and paint tomorrow - then he says he wants to try out the Turbo Tunnel fin he bought on Maui.

I went ahead and cut out the template from the blank for Prayot's wingboard.  I needed to clear the rack so I could get to the next thing...

The next thing is laminating the top deck on to #26.  For this one I decided to use the combo carbon fiber - innegra cloth that I got a while back.  I used a nose to tail patch under a full sheet that had rail wrap, then a small heel patch for my left heel.

I'm laminating it with the pro resin and I'll fill with the FGH Aluzine (I am debating about using blue sparklies in the fill coat...).

Tomorrow will be the bottom lamination on this one to include the mast tracks.  I think I'll also try to get on the top laminate on #27.  Still debating on the tint for that one... maybe half deep blue and half light blue.  Or maybe all yellow (brilliant).  Or maybe I won't laminate...

Dawn Patrol - 9/24/2022

Dawn patrol this morning.  Marlon brought the Seaside, and I brought the Seaside and Beyond.  Swell was chest to just overhead on the sets.  There was minimal wind.  The tide was low and dropping - this was the reason for me bringing the surfboard; I didn't want to deal with scraping bottom with the foil.

I was super glad I did bring the S&B!

I surfed in front of the MWR Shack and I picked off several head high waves.  Marlon was in the same spot and we even rode a couple together (or maybe he dropped in on me and I was just a nice guy).

I had a few waves that rivaled distance rode while on a foil.  And the faces were nice a steep so I was able to stick to the face and huck some big turns.  I really like this board a lot - I never felt this connected to the Firewire Sunday (which sold already so I could get this), the Firewire Greedy Beaver (which I am close to selling), or the Toots Asymmetric (which I think I could still get used to, but would still rather sell so I can just focus with the Viking, the Everyday and the Seaside and Beyond).

I didn't see Tim out - but while packing up I did see him carrying his new Pyzel Ghost.  This was produced pretty quickly - I think he placed the order in just last month.  Nice shape, good volume - looks like a wave killer (if the waves have some energy in them).

The forecasts call for the current swell to stick around for a few days.  With little wind in the forecast, I think I'll be surfing the S&B some more!


Friday, September 23, 2022

Evening Session - 9/23/2022

Got in an evening session.  I was thinking the swell would come down a little and I could ride the inside with the foil.  With the higher tide I felt safe taking the ART 999/400P out.  There was almost no wind - so the surface was pretty glassy.

Roland took his shortboard out.  I saw him at Fenceline catching a couple.

I caught the start up waves (the ones I knew I'd botch up while I remembered how to foil) on the inside.  Just like normal after I change something up, I need to get my muscle memory back.  After a few, I had my feet back and I was carving several.

The waves were actually better than yesterday.  I think I would have had a better time on the TJ Everyday compared to the Seaside and Beyond - tomorrow morning will be a debate (with a lower tide and a long period swell, I'm thinking the Seaside and Beyond.... but I could also sit on the outside with the ART 999/400P again...)


Thursday, September 22, 2022

Evening Session - 9/22/2022

Took the Seaside and Beyond out again.  The waves were slightly bigger than yesterday on the sets.  The tide was full again.  But the difference today was the wind - I could have gone out (I didn't deal with all the winging gear today, and I really wanted to spend more time getting this Seaside and Beyond all dialed in.

I had a handful of really good waves - largely because you have to pick and choose the correct waves.  This is a really great board - paddles in easily, holds in bigger surf and behaves like a board several inches shorter.  Goodbye Sunday and Hello Seaside and Beyond!!!