Sunday, September 28, 2014

Random Surf Pictures from this Past Week

Here they are - smiles abound!!!

Surf Report 9/28/2014

Marlon and Noe both enjoyed some surf as the tide lowered (they didn't like the 'full' swell at peak high tide). Marlon is leaning into his turns now, but the board isn't turning as well as I thought it would. My fat arse is too big to try it out for myself, so I'll have to keep an eye out on this. I'm not sure if it isn't turning because Marlon is only 75 pounds, or if the quad setup is too loose. Noe is getting good at popping up now. And she is really keeping her weight back (so she doesn't pearl dive).

Fishing Report 9/28/2014

We went to the beach to fish today. I started out with the surf rod, but after not getting any bites for a while (nobody was, and there were more than a few people out fishing), I switched to the flyrod. I tied on a blue "surf candy" type epoxy head fly that was made using blue yard - I had those needlefish targeted... I had one take the fly and get it's teeth caught up in the yarn - I got it to the beach and just as I was going to pick it up and get the fly out of it's mouth, it let go and swam off (leaving me high and dry without a picture of fish in hand). I know what type of fly to use now, so I'll rectify the issue and get a photo of one taken on the fly. I also know that these are 'needlefish' and that most people think of them as a waste of time. I like to think of them as opportunities when other fish that chase flies are not around. While I was on the rocks, I saw a ton of finger mullet swimming in the surfline. I wasn't going to stop flyfishing for those, but I did stop for the school of large ones I saw bunkered down near the rocks. I went back to where I left my gear, grabbed the cast net (good thing I fixed that net yesterday...) and asked the kids if they wanted to check out what I was about to do. I netted seven good sized mullet in the first (and only) throw to that big mullet school. I gave the net to Marlon and he was able to get two nets full!!! Good day at the beach!!!

Fishing Report 9/27/2014

We spend the afternoon at the jetties fishing. The wind was howling - so much so that the fishing suffered. The mullet were running hard, so I cast a few times and bucketed over 50 finger mullet. I let the kids study them up close and we released them back to swim with the rest of the school that didn't move too far away (again because of the wind). I did see a smaller school of much larger mullet - but I didn't have a clear shot at them. And with the really small net we have, you have to be dead on target and those big mullet were cruising. I did rip the net on an oyster encrusted rock - about a 16" tear - more on that in a second. Marlon was the only one to catch a fish with a hook and line - this is a yellow stripe snapper. Yet another different species we've caught at the jetties. This place has always been pretty cool to fish. After the fishing session, I figured I needed to fix the torn net. It was a lot of trouble, but it's all patched up now.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fishing Report 9/25/2014

Caught two of these whiting. I switched back to the "spot/kingfish" rig - seems to work. I also switched to this grappling weight - definitely holds place a lot more than a same sized pyramid.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Surf Report 9/21/2014

La and the kids have actually surfed a spot that I haven't - the south end of Little Talbot Island. In actuality, the surf mat is one of the most fun, yet most technical ways of surfing. La is obviously a natural!!!

Fishing Report 9/21/2014

Went out twice yesterday. First stop was at the southern end of Little Talbot Island. I brought the St Croix Tide Master spinning rod, the Cabela CGR 7/8wt Fiberglass Flyrod (with an Orvis Redfish line) and the Orvis Hydros 8wt (with intermediate sink line) to be ready for what was there - which was nothing for me. The surf was bigger than I thought it would be, so I figured the catching would be tough. There were finger mullet swimming in the thousands. I kept an eye out for any predatory fish, but the only follow I had was from a needlefish. I did catch a starfish... The last stop was at the Mayport Beach, closer to the 'Poles' side. Full tide, thick surf and no fish - EXCEPT this lone volunteer that stepped in to ward off the ever-present skunking. Thank you catfish - thank you for ensuring my day ended happily and that even though you lost the game of tug o' war (the surf fishing rig is overkill I'll admit), you still got to gum some tasty bait and you proved that fish still live in the ocean when it's "Victory At Sea". I think I'm going to have to start using shrimp for bait - the formulated stuff is not getting the bites it used to...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brewing at the Vise

I've been getting the inclination to tie some flies. Here's a few images that I pulled off the web/books and will soon be working on. These guys are for paddle trips to the salt marshes. These guys are for the pompano that are south bound as you are reading this.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Surf Report 9/18/2014

We went surfing again hoping to pick up some of the leftovers from Edouard. The wind was onshore, the surface choppy and the surf was bigger. We went a high tide so the kids wouldn't be wrecked for the rest of the day (we're home schooling this year - easier while we are in the trailer, and better for the kids). So what happens when you talk smack about a hurricane swell from the previous day??? You get SPANKED! I got SPANKED! Edouard did have some power after all. But the waves were harder to ride because of the chop (or that's my story and I'm sticking to it). I spent the majority of the time doing this... takeoff, beef the bottom turn or pearl the nose, do an epic front flip and blow bubbles. Good thing I don't have an ego that is fragile or needy... I did catch a few good ones (emphasis on "few") The kids and La had more sense and played on the inside. Despite the spanking - a great day!