Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Kiting Again

Oh yes it has been awhile - but I finally broke the dry spell.  I pressure tested both the 16 and the 11 Crossbows and there were no issues.

Back when we lived in Gulfport, MS I was actually kiting a fair bit.  The kids were much younger and they always took shelter from the wind under the kites - as soon as I had these pumped up - that's where they went.

The next day, I got a call from a friend and we headed over to Kailua.  I put the 11 up and used the twintip.  The wind was just a hair too strong, but I depowered the kite and stayed out for a couple of hours.

I truly missed kiting - this is something I'm going to have to remedy although living in Ewa Beach makes any kite outing a good haul (Kailua or Mokuleia...).  I'm also gonna get my directional ready. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Kalo, Lau Lau and an Elephant Noe

I made lau lau for the first time this past weekend.  And Noe became an elephant.

The things you can do with luau leaves.

SUP Specific Hover

I recently became more edumacated on the 2018 Naish Hover foilboards.  There are different versions - a windsurfing specific model, one for SUP surfing and finally a crossover (to do both windsurfing and kitesurfing).  The windsurfing specific model does have flatter overall rocker (and the one I saw in person was full carbon).  Here is the SUP surfing model.

If I got one, it would be the crossover model to give the best of all possibilities.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

And a Sunday Morning Dawn Patrol

I really need to surf more -

The swell was a little smaller today, but still great fun!

Veteran's Day Fishing!

I took a nice long nap as a part of celebrating Veteran's Day - but after, I figured I'd go get the groceries (and since I would be in the area, I might as well go fishing).  I decided to just use lures (and not ika strips) since I still had to get groceries afterwards.

I didn't catch anything - but I did get a front row seat watching lightning hit the Waianae mountains (time to go...).

On the way back in I saw two moray eels just hanging out in super shallow water - it was raining when I took the pictures, but you should still be able to see the outline of the eel.

Veteran's Day Dawn Patrol

Marlon and I hit White Plains (which I learned was actually named Kualaka'i before the area became an Air Base for the Marines) on Saturday morning - fun surf!!!

It has been a while since I brought out a GoPro - I need to aim the camera higher....  I'm also going to buy another suction cup mount and put the second camera on Marlon's board.