Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Bike

The kiddoroos have been having a blast zooming around the neighborhood on their bikes. La and I gave our bikes to her brother and his wife before we left California.

I wasn't really looking for a new bike until I realized Marlon can go a lot faster on his bike now - I can't keep up on the skateboard anymore. I also have started to get the idea that I can ride my bike to work (only 1.5 miles).

And we as a family have plans that when we go to check out new towns in the area, that we'll pack the bikes and tour via 2 wheels. We've noticed parking can be pretty tight in some areas, especially the artsy districts holding festivals. To park in a less crowded area and to be able to pedal up and be mobile (and have fun too) would be a great thing.

Well, La is still contemplating what her ride will be (leaning towards a more road oriented bike that can support some triathlon campaigns), but I pulled the trigger today. Here's a 2009 Specialized Centrum. Internal 3 speed hub on the rear, two disk brakes and a lightweight aluminum frame - this bike had me at first sight.

I was really targeting a cruiser - a Globe Carmel 1, but the shop only had Carmel 2's (front shock, 3 speed internal hub). But the Centrum was hanging out to the side... Oh well, there went the cruiser idea... This is a slick, stripped down mountain bike that's built for short commutes. It's got a similar ride to my old avalanche, but a lighter, crisper feel that makes you want to ride it. I tested both and the Carmel was a blast to ride - real floaty and so cushy, but the Centrum was just too good a deal to pass up. $500 (down from $750) with the appointments it had was better than the $425 (down from $475) Carmel.

Marlon and I went for a spin this evening and I know I got the right bike.

Why is this an amphibious post? Well, I'll probably start riding down to the beach in the early mornings to get a run in. I am also planning to do longer downwinders - drop the bike off at the ending point, drive back to the start, paddle down to the end again, grab the bike, ride back to the start, load up the bike and drive back to the end to pick up the board. We'll see how that plan goes.

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Lala said... What happened to all that styrofoam? Is that now on the back burner? Boy, YOU, too, have too many projects on your hand...LOL :)