Saturday, April 3, 2010

Good Kiting Session

Kited yesterday.  No pictures (dead battery on the DSLR, lost bolt on the GoPro) but sometimes kiting without pictures is a good thing (am I that narcissistic that I have to have pictures taken of me using solar energy to atomize water...???).

12-17 mph wind from the SE.  Used the Naish "Flash" board and V4 16 - RIPPING!!!

The wind was generating swell - knee high, but genuine swell!!!  Some folks with more developed swell might be laughing, but I have learned to appreciate any waves.

Also chewed up a lot of foam off of the light wind piggy.  Pictures of that to follow today - I have to finish building my new (streamlined) racks so I can shape the rails (I've been working off the sawhorses - man am I lazy).


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