Saturday, April 3, 2010

Someday (sooner than later)

After looking across the web far and wide, I have finally found our 'intermediate' boat.  Not the boat that will train the family how to sail on and have beach picnics on, and not the boat that La and I will ply the seven seas on, but the one in between (while Marlon and Noe are still in school).  

This thing is a rocket ship with a 35' mast, way more than enough sail area and light as a feather.  This can be stored on a trailer (at the house for safe keeping and oogglling) yet towed with a medium sized truck (so I don't have to break the bank on a full sized, gas chugging monster).  The boat I crew on now is 6 foot longer, but the Skipper needs crew on a consistent basis - this ride needs just two.  This one has a super shallow draft so beaching is not a problem.  Envision strapping boards to the trampolines and heading out to isolated surf spots - anchor offshore and have a ripping session; afterwards, nap until the winds come up and sail home.

The best of all worlds!  Will try to get it in the next five years.

The Farrier F-22(R) Cuddy Cabin!!!

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