Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Regatta Saturday...

Came in third.

We got 9.7 kts out of the wind today (11.5 kts from the NDBC site).

What's up with that????!!!!!!*(*^&*%$&^

Although number 2 cheated by throwing up a spinnaker (this series had a 'no head sail' rule).

Another good excuse would be 'it was really hot' or 'the wind was light'.

How about 'the wind clocked around and gave the lifts to everyone in front of us, but not to us'?

Seriously - I though we (Roger, Camille, me) sailed a good race - we didn't blow any tacks, or screw up (too many) lay lines - we just got beat.

Pictures taken with the GoPro (I love this camera!!!).

Oh and did I say 'it's hot down here!'?

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