Saturday, August 21, 2010

SUP Saturday

Loaded (and I am using the term literally) the Pathfinder and hit the beach today!

SUP and Sail were the targets.

I got on the board (11'2" Blend) the sail rigged (older 5.8 Boxer) and it was like no time has passed since the last perfectly tuned days of windsurfing back in Kailua - back in the days before kites were brought on the market. It was fun to board sail again!

Another great thing about SUP sailing is the fact that no one cares if you're sporting the latest equipment from 2004. Throw the gear on and have fun!

We spent 4 hours out today and I got La windsurfing on the SUP - she was good (but impatient; on a side note, I've been getting the "don't under estimate me" comment for a while now; the awesome thing is she does listen and when she isn't absorbing anymore, it's as plain as day = makes me laugh hard inside when she starts drifting as I explain the actions she needs to take). I figure with practice, she'll be self sufficient on the longboard in a month or so. The shallow (albeit brown, really brown) water is excellent for teaching windsurfing or kiting. Now I just have to get the family taught up before we have to move again.

Nice day!

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