Thursday, October 7, 2010

Surf Expedition

Surfing trips are great experiences.

The anticipation of the journey and the waves to come make me feel like a kid going on a long awaited field trip.

This one is especially pivotal for me as it has been over a year since I have surfed legitimate waves - yes I did say ONE YEAR.

Sure there has been sailing, kiting, windsurfing and paddling - but that all was on flat water or open water swell - not the flowing energy of gravity waves rising up to defy the shoaling and having all the elements come together in that singular moment - yes I miss it.

We'll be back on Monday night - stay tuned for what waves we catch!

I'm bringing everything (except kites) - the Blend, paddles, the 5.8 rig, a surfing mat, a boogie board and fins. I will not be skunked!!!

There are no storms scheduled to push large surf in, but the blend can catch anything.

The place I learned to surf over 22 years ago is where we'll be for the weekend - hopefully after this sabbatical I won't look like I did 22 years ago.

Stay tuned...

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