Monday, December 6, 2010

One down, one to go

After 8 months of being shelved as a project, I have finally gotten the hinged mast base for my Weta Trimaran to fit properly (as in having the mast lie as flat as possible without being restricted by pieces of the mast base).

Tonight I drilled the holes for the new 1/4" bolt that will serve as the downhaul block bar. I fitted the hardware so as to not deflect the base plate to ensure a flat mounting on the boat.

If I have time tomorrow (and if the dolly axles come in), I'll clean up the deck where the base plate will mount, and patch up the existing holes with some epoxy putty. I'll let the epoxy cure, lightly sand and measure-measure-measure the hole pattern for the base plate.

I'll probably go and buy a couple of new drill bits before drilling through the deck.

Long story short, no more straight lifts of the mast - easy tilt ups from this point forward and no more worries during windy days.

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