Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday Afternoon Fishing

I left work early (1700 is early???) to go fishing.

I caught three keepers - two aholehole (hawaiian name for Flagtail) and another fish I actually don't know the name of (yes - there are fish I don't know the names of).

I went fishing with Mike Julaton at Cannon Point - walked out to knee depth water and pitched hooks past the breaking waves. Mike caught the nice grouper in the picture.

You could actually see the aholehole (ahh-ho-lay-ho-lay) school as the unbroken waves passed through. The waves were backlit and you could see the school as clear as day.

I also saw a school of larger fish that were hanging in the shallows to the point that their dorsal fins were poking way out of the water, and a large parrotfish that I spooked while wading.

I practiced making some prints from these fish and then had them for dinner.

Nice way to end the work week.

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