Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hanging Around (Upside Down)

Two-blocked with meetings all day - I didn't feel like staying after 1700 like I normally do to answer emails - the wind was up and blowing past 15 mph!!!

I had the kite up and ready to go by 1730. Got some great jumps but this one in particular (and the one just after it) was awesome! I used to be able to do the 'tabletop' maneuver when I was new to kiting - primarily because I would jump unhooked (chicken loop out of the harness hook). I could rotate the lower half of my body (and the board) while I was approaching a horizontal profile with my entire body just as I hit the pinnacle of the jump. At the top of the jump, the board's bottom deck is pointing skyward, and the rider is horizontal facing the surface of the water.

Poetry in motion ....

Doing it is hard enough, but then being able to get a picture of it is a different level of effort all together. The GoPro takes a shot every 2 seconds - I have tons of pictures of everything but pinnacle shots, but every now and then you get lucky. This one isn't perfect (water stuck on the fisheye), but you have to take what you can get.

I have been using the chicken finger on the kite rig (so the chicken loop cannot come undone accidentally) a lot recently and as a side effect, I have not been able to do a complete rotation.

I pushed a little harder today and got close - next session I'll use the leash instead of the chicken finger to see if I can get the full rotation. GOING OLD SCHOOL!!!

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