Sunday, August 28, 2011

Procrastinating Part 2

As I am typing this blog entry I am successfully procrastinating...

If I didn't already say/imply it, today was fun. Lots of jumps, some swell riding and several people out on the water to share the sunshine and warm, blue water.

I also windsurfed after lunch. Actually it was a regatta - I haven't learned my lesson yet to test out the harness line positions. Now I have very, very, very, very,very sore forearms. Used an 8.0 sail in what I would have called 7.5 wind conditions. Still a good time (came in third this time - I won't admit I threw the race, but the marina guys are threatening to throw me into the advanced category - which I would gladly do if I could jibe at speed). I'll post pictures of this later.

Nice day on the water!

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