Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tres Bonefish

In the depressions there were raccoon fish, pinfish, wrasses, convict tangs, moray eels, others unseen and of course bonefish.

During low tide, they cram in together to wait out the low water. If they venture off to deeper water, they risk getting eaten by the trevally, or other larger predators.

Among the three bonefish I landed, I had some hard hits from at least three others - losing flies each time. The first two I lost because the tippet I was using was old. The third found a rock to break off the tippet.

The last one was quite hefty.

At this point, the tide started making its way back in.

The bonefish started to spread out and use all the water that was available. They do that because they are looking for food (creatures that didn't survive the low tide exposure, and other animals that bury themselves - after having to breath stale water for a few hours, they eagerly show their soft parts when fresh water washes over - which leaves them vulnerable to patrolling bonefish). They also spread out because the trevally can get to them as the water gets deeper...

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