Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trevally Schooling

Not literally - more figuratively - and more like them schooling me

I saw the first streaks of blue just after the tide filled in to where my knees were submerged.

A school of about seven medium (~10 lbs) to small (<5 lbs) sized Bluefin Trevally was hovering where they could make lunges at the bonefish schools.

I cast the bonefish bitter fly to them, but either it was too small or they didn't care for it.

I reeled in and changed the fly out to a deceiver and landed this Yellowspot Trevally - AWESOME FIGHT!!!

In the other pictures, you can see two Bluefin Trevally in tow - they often try and steal food out of each others mouths or at least try to eat some of the scraps that would inevitably come off prey. The other two followed the one I had hooked nearly onto dry land.

After this fight, I hooked into a bigger Bluefin Trevally but it broke the tippet pretty quickly. I put on a Cowen's Mullet and before I come start casting, another Bluefin took it - I started to tighten the drag and then it broke off. I tied on a gummy minnow and that drove the Bluefins crazy - hooked, and broke off AGAIN.

By this time the water was coming up fast - I had to move back towards shore and I didn't see another trevally.

Seeing as how I let all the fish go (catch and release as long as the fish will survive), I think they won today.

Actually we all won - I got to fight some awesome fish and lost some flies - the fish got to fight me and lived to fight another day.

Tomorrow is another low water low tide...

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