Monday, August 13, 2012

Surf Taco Rack Assembled

I took some time after work to put the 422XT rack together based on the research I did on the web last night. If you have a Tacoma and want to use these upright bed racks, you will need to cut off the curved end of the liner on the bottom of the rack foot (first picture). I just took a razor blade, scored the liner/pad and pulled. After that, everything else lined up and I bolted it on. Use 5.5 inches from the outer edge of the upright to the end of the aluminum cross bar (not the black end cap) and the distance should be good laterally. The height lines up within millimeters of the roof racks - I couldn't ask for a better setup. There is more wind noise using this setup (if you roll your windows down) past 45 mph - but that is a small price to pay for way more secure long load (SUP boards) carrying capability. After SEVERAL years of seeing this type of rig ferrying boards around Oahu - I FINALLY have mine!!! Now to go surfing....

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