Monday, September 3, 2012

Blowing Off Steam

We had to get the van serviced this weekend (and the DC labor rates are RIDICULOUS) so we made a weekend out of it down in Virginia Beach. The waves were not that big, but relatively speaking they were AWESOME. Maybe six weeks since we were last down there - long time to go without surf... We miss it for the reasons you see in the pictures - fun in the sun(? - at least in theory - it rained on us). Saturday afternoon session was mellow and the kids were ripping it up. Body slammer beach break on Sunday morning with the high tide (spring tide levels) - the waves were a little bigger but the water was deeper - kids were a little apprehensive, but Marlon caught a few then we all )Me, La, Marlon and Noe) transitioned to body surfing (and we all had fun!!!). Now it's 'goodbye' summer - and 'hello' wetsuit weather (shucks - rubber sucks - say that three times fast). Thanks La for taking the pictures!!!

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