Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Recycling Old Clothes to Make Rod Socks

La helped me make a rod sock for one of the flyrods that didn't have one. Old clothes (or old outdated uniforms) make awesome material stocks for small projects like this. Threading the surger was intimidating and kicked our butts. And this is absolute proof that making something camouflage makes it even better than it would have been if it were just plain - at least three times better, maybe even four X... I sewed the button on and made the final stitches up the center to separate the rod pieces. I had a couple of PVC pipe rod tubes for the tenkara rods I have, but haven't been using (I am pretty anal with my stuff so I haven't been placing the tenkara rods in the tubes - just haven't needed to put them in there when I've been as careful as I am) - the PVC is just a few inches too short. I'll fix that with a trip to Home Depot and a hack saw. Pretty nifty if you ask me (and a big MA-HA-LO to La for the surger and high end sewing machine tutorial) ;)

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