Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fishing Report 7/29/2014

I have been scoping out the lakes around the area (Fayetteville to Peachtree south of Atlanta) to see if I could wet a line while here in Georgia. The last time I went fishing in Georgia was at the Sub Base in Kings Bay back in the 80's. Most of the lakes were wrapped in barbed wire or squarely placed inside golf courses - so no fishing. I did find one on Google Maps that was part of a municipal park so off I went. I lined up the Orvis SFT 1wt and used a green-peacock dub bead-head nymph. I ended up with 5 Bluegill in hand and 2 more that let go (I still crimp down the barbs). You can always count on bluegill!!! But all but one of the fish had some signs of a really hard life - sore red lips was the most common, but check out the missing eye and chewed up fins on this one guy. He had lost his eye awhile ago and had grown skin back inside the socket (or maybe it was born without an eye). Tough guy. And as always, the 1wt made these guys seem much bigger than they were - the skunk is gone!!! We are headed further south tomorrow - we'll park at Mayport, Florida for a little bit until I land a job (fingers crossed that it'll happen soon). I am looking forward to SUP surfing a new ULI that I got to replace the FAQ (stay tuned for that), and getting a bunch of saltwater fishing along the south jetty at the mouth of the St John's River. It's been about 20+ years since I fished that area - should be a fun upcoming two weeks!!!

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